Matt Hardy Responds To Paul London + More Tweets

Matt Hardy took to his Twitter today, and took the occasion to answer questions from fans about Paul London, who had a few comments for Matt in an interview. He had the following to say about London:

"You know the deal, you know me. When someone becomes obsessed with jealously it's sad."

"I kinda feel sorry for the guy, he's a mess."

"He's not important or significant enough to me to even dignify his absurd, delusional comments."

"I'm excited 4 the change that lies ahead, so are my mind & body. Regardless of what is written about me, thx 4 keeping my name out there ;)"

"I'm off to the gym, it's time for me to be me. I say thanks to everyone who are my true, supportive friends & fans, I love ya! Adios amigos!"

He also promised more YouTube videos and talked about an autobiography he plans on doing. This is seriously some high-school drama s--t. How old are these guys?!?!


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