Matt Hardy Tweets - Threatens Lawyers On Paul London

Matt Hardy posted the following tweets today. One of the tweets basically implies that he wants to be on Bubba The Love Sponge's radio show so he can tell his side of the story:

What's goin on B? Hope u & the Army are doing great. When the time is right, I'd def love to come on the show & share my story..

Thanks people! My Twitter-Peeps rock! I'm having a very busy & productive day, talk to you soon. All is good, time for me to move forward!

Hardy also tweeted the following earlier today but has since deleted it:

MATTHARDYBRAND Did anyone save or copy a recent video of one Mr. London apparently "slandering" my name? My lawyer is very interested in seeing it-thx Seriously.

We posted the video here earlier today and we'll post it again now because it's awesome:


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