Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

There is backstage heat on D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero among some individuals in TNA Wrestling.

According to sources within WWE, one of the reasons he was let go from the company two years ago was because many felt he let his push on the ECW brand get to his head. He was known to refer to himself in third person as “The Black Pope” once he achieved notoriety and it rubbed some people the wrong way. He has been exhibiting similar behavior in TNA as of late according to sources, which has some of his colleagues complaining. He didn’t do himself any favors by veering off script and cutting a 15 minute promo at a recent live event. Producer D-Lo Brown scolded him afterwards, with a number of wrestlers rolling their eyes at Dinero after it was over.

“The Pope” has also developed a reputation for making himself look good at the expense of his opponents. We’ll keep you posted.