Luna Vachon, who passed away last Friday at the age of 48, was asked to appear at last month’s TNA Hardcore Justice pay-per-view.

When Mick Foley learned that her home had burned down and she lost everything she owned (including pets), he suggested that TNA Wrestling utilize her to manage Tommy Dreamer against Raven, since in 1995, she was used as Dreamer’s second to counteract Stevie Richards.

Vachon declined the offer, citing that she had retired.

As noted earlier here on the website, Vachon was actually found dead in her own temporary home, not her mother’s home. Investigators say they discovered a box containing crushed Oxycodone pills near a snorting straw. The box containing Oxycodone was beside a pile of “blue, chalky debris next to a small straw” in Luna’s kitchen. “Multiple prescription bottles and miscellaneous unsecured pills” were discovered in the master bedroom alongside a small plate containing more pill residue and another snorting straw. Vachon’s mother ? the person who discovered the body ? told police that her daughter “often appeared ‘medicated’ as she suffered from several wrestling injuries.”

An autopsy has been completed and the official cause of death is expected to be determined within the next few weeks.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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