“I Quit” Match
A.J. Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

We get a video package of the feud between EV2.0 and Fourtune, that has led up to this match.

AJ Styles is the first man out to the ring, and he gets a big pop from the crowd. Styles is wearing his title, whatever it’s called this week, but it’s not up for grabs tonight. Styles takes his belt and walks off to the side of the stage where he hides. Dreamer’s music hits, and when Tommy makes his way out to the ring, Styles tries to ambush him. Dreamer sees it coming and ducks the belt shot, only to pound on AJ all the way down to the ring. AJ tries to catch Dreamer again, but Dreamer hangs AJ’s arm up in the ropes and this one is on.

Dreamer sends Styles out to the floor with a back body drop, and Dreamer locks AJ in a rear chin lock around the ring post but AJ doesn’t quit. Dreamer and Styles trade blows with Dreamer punching and Styles chopping. Dreamer locks in a crazy full nelson camel clutch, but AJ still won’t quit. Styles is able to fight out of it, and he fish hooks Dreamer, but Dreamer stands up with Styles on his back, backing him up into the corner. Styles charges Dreamer in the corner, but Dreamer avoids it and Styles connects with the ring post.

Styles rolls to the outside, and Dreamer follows with a big running clothesline from the apron, taking Styles down. Dreamer tries for a suplex out on the floor, but Styles reverses it and Dreamer crashes into the entrance ramp instead. Styles goes for the figure four, but Dreamer grabs one of the stage lights from the entrance ramp and uses it to bash AJ in the head before wrapping the cord around Styles’ mouth.

Styles is able to send Dreamer into the ring apron to take him down, and Styles exposes the concrete floor by moving the ring mat. Styles calls for the Styles Clash, but Dreamer fights out of it and sends AJ shoulder first into the ring post. Dreamer follows it up with a big shoulderbreaker. Dreamer asks a fan for a chair, and the fan happily obliges. Back in the ring, Dreamer continues to work over Styles’ shoulder with an arm bar, but AJ still won’t give. Dreamer wraps the chair around Style’s arm and executes a big leg drop, furthering the damage to Styles’ arm. Dreamer locks in a weird, chair assisted wrist lock, but Styles fights out of it.

Dreamer hits a flying arm bar into the chair and tries for a crossface, but Styles rolls to the outside. Dreamer follows and continues to work over the arm, wrapping it around a barricade. Styles won’t quit, and he picks Dreamer up, crotching him on the barricade. Styles stomps away at Dreamer, before slamming the barricade down on top of him, and wrapping his leg up in it. Styles hits Dreamer with a big right hand, and things move back into the ring.

Styles tries for the figure four, but Dreamer fights it off. Styles hits a big round kick to the back of Dreamer’s leg, and pulls him by the legs, crotching him on the ring post. Styles locks in a figure four while Dreamer’s legs are wrapped around the ring post, but Dreamer still doesn’t quit. Styles hits a kneebreaker, putting Dreamer down on top of a chair. Styles goes for, and is able to lock in the figure four leg lock.

Dreamer is able to turn the figure four over, reversing the pressure, but Styles gets out of it, and cuts Dreamer right off by planting him face first on a chair. Styles tries to set Dreamer up and kick through a chair, but Dreamer moves and Styles’ leg is caught up in the chair. Dreamer stomps at the chair, and AJ screams. Dreamer has a fork from somewhere, but when he tries to use it Styles ducks and connects with a Pele kick.

Dreamer rolls to the outside, and Styles tries to follow, but when he goes to dive, Dreamer connects with a kendo stick shot to the head. Dreamer connects with a kendo stick assisted pumphandle slam, and goes for a kendo stick assisted cross face, breaking the stick across AJ’s face. Styles comes up with a fork out of nowhere and he uses it, jabbing it at Dreamer’s face. Styles shoves the ref out of the way, and Dreamer obviously blades. Styles digs the fork into Dreamer’s eyes, and Dreamer is forced to quit.

Winner: AJ Styles