Trevor Murdoch recently discussed the passing of Lance Cade. Here are the highlights?

His First Words On Cade’s Passing: “My partner’s been gone three and a half weeks now, and you’re really the first person I’ve spoken to just for the simple fact that I don’t want anybody thinking that I’m trying to capitalize on my best friend’s tragedy, and my best friend not being here,” Murdoch said. “Because I would trade anything in this world besides my wife and children to bring that man back here, and for him to be here with his kids. It is a tragedy and it is something where personally I’m struggling with Jesus right now, because I really don’t understand what the point is, taking a good man like that.”

How Close Were They?: “My kids called him uncle. He’d come down for Christmas parties. When we were in Omaha, where he’s from, I would go have dinner with him and his sister and his grandma,” Murdoch said. “When we were in San Antonio, I’d stay at his house and we’d have dinner there. He would show me San Antonio and I’d meet his buddies. And when we were in Missouri, [we were] always hanging out.”

On How Shawn Michaels Reacted: “It was so comforting to know that a man of his stature was just as brokenhearted as I was over this, and that I had somebody there that could understand and could do his best to try to make this as comfortable as possible. Shawn went completely above and beyond, out of his way, in this whole situation, not once worrying about the way he feels. The fact of the matter is… one of his boys is gone. At the funeral, at the visitation, it was very evident, the impact that Lance had made on his life and on my life. You don’t understand how important somebody is to you and how much of an impact they make on your life until they’re not there.”