While Matt Hardy posted a video claiming that he was not sent home by the company, WWE confirmed with Newsday in New York that Hardy had been sent home from two different shows over the last two weeks. We have been reporting this here on the website for several days now.

Hardy had posted a YouTube video in response to our report that he was “sent home.” He tried to show proof that he wasn’t “sent home” by posting a video from inside his hotel room in the U.K. It turns out he didn’t leave the country early and was simply sent back to his hotel by WWE management. For some reason, he was playing with the words ‘sent home’ which is pathetic when you really think about it. He never addressed why he was sent back to his hotel room and didn’t work the event as scheduled.

It should also be noted that his condition in the YouTube video is up for speculation as well with many of the comments lashing out at him claiming he’s on something. We’ll just say that being sent home from two different shows by WWE management is obviously not a good sign.

More as we get it.

Source: NewsDay