— PBS has a profile on former SHIMMER Champion MsChif discussing her “double life” as a microbiologist and professional wrestler.

— John Cena did a guest voice on the Cartoon Network show Generator Rex a couple of weeks ago. He played a vigilante trying to take down the show’s hero.

— Jim Ross has posted his latest blog. Check out the highlights below:

On Michael Cole: Michael Cole does not deserve to be piled on like many are doing. Michael is fulfilling a role on a fictional, TV show. He has been ‘cast’ to play this role as best as he can. For those that have never sat in that particular seat, let me assure you that it isn’t easy. Cole’s new persona must be working because never before have so many fans, for better or for worse, commented on Cole’s work.

On WWE and racism: Since debuting in pro wrestling in 1974, no organization has afforded as many opportunities for minorities than has WWE. The reason that I bring this topic up is some Twitter followers are questioning same. Trust me, WWE is so far ahead of any organization in the history of the business in this realm that it’s not even close. I remember the days when the territories had unwritten quotas to have only one black wrestler full time in their territory. Sad. Plus, the names that the Caucasian promoters would give the black wrestlers usually screamed of racial stereotype.

On people offended by wrestling: We’re getting too many emails from fans who are ‘offended’ by what they see on TV wrestling shows. Do you know what I do when I’m offended by a TV program? You got it…I change the channel. TV viewers should not become overly concerned about what they cannot change regarding a TV broadcast.

For me to be a part of the recent WWE image video was both a surprise and a true feel good moment. I am very proud of my work in WWE over the years, the great people that I have worked with there and the company as a whole that has provided my family with a great quality of life. It’s cool to know that my grandkids can hear my work as the years roll by thanks to www.wweclassics.com and WWE On Demand.

On not being retired: How many times do I have to reiterate that I am NOT retired? I still work for WWE. Hitting the road 51 weeks a year plus fulfilling the other commitments required of me would be a daunting challenge. Of course I miss the adrenaline rush of broadcasting a live, TV show but not so much that I want to commence traveling every week. I am and always will be a team player and have no issue packing a bag if I were ever to be called upon, which I don’t expect to happen BTW. It seems as if some visitors to this site or who follow us on Twitter are oblivious to this matter and are perplexed as to my job description. I’m not perplexed and nor should you be. I’m grateful to be in the business that I love and more importantly to be healthy.