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“EXCUSE ME!” Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan

There is a big “Daniel Bryan” chant as Bryan gets the upper hand in the early moments of the match. Bryan kept trying to lock in submission maneuvers with Ziggler becoming increasingly frustrated.

Ziggler gained the advantage and hit an inverted bodyslam. Ziggler got a series of two counts before syncing in a chinlock. Bryan powered out, only to be knocked back to the mat. Ziggler continued on offense, earning several two counts along the way.

Ziggler continued to work his opponent over with submission moves. Bryan was able to regain control of the match after Ziggler missed a charge in the corner. Bryan nailed Ziggler with several kicks and a knee to the face. Bryan followed with a flying forearm but only got a two count.

Bryan continued to kick away at Ziggler, including landing a missile dropkick from the top rope. Bryan missed a kick and was rolled up by Ziggler for a two count. Ziggler then connected with a superkick for two. Ziggler then went for Zig-Zag but Bryan held on to the top rope. Bryan connected with another kick and got a two count.

Bryan climbed to the top but was crotched. Ziggler went for a superplex, but Bryan slipped from under Ziggler’s legs and crotched Ziggler on the top. Bryan then went for a back suplex from the top but Ziggler shifted his weight and landed on top for a two count. The two traded two counts before colliding when both were going for bodypresses.

The two then went for a series of pinfalls before Ziggler hit the famouser for a three count. However, the referee saw Bryan get his foot on the bottom rope right before he counted three so the match continues.

Ziggler then went for the sleeper hold and held it on as Bryan went to the mat. Bryan was able to get to the ropes and Ziggler broke the hold. Ziggler was slapping Bryan as he got up, and Bryan quickly put Ziggler in the LeBell Lock and Ziggler tapped. Really good opener.

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission.

After the match Vickie started yelling at the referee, and the ref ordered Vickie to leave the arena as the fans chanted “you tapped out.”