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John Cena was shown backstage.

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett (with John Cena)

Wade Barrett entered the ring first with Cena by his side, so no separate entrance for Cena. Randy Orton came in next. Wade Barrett took the mic and said that if he doesn’t win this match, he’ll fire Cena tonight. Looks like we’ll have a new champion crowned tonight.

Orton took control early and a “Fire Cena” chant broke out. Orton continued to dominate the early moments of the match. Barrett went outside of the ring and screamed at Cena for not interfering and was met with a forearm to the back from Orton. Orton got Barrett back in the ring and continued to dominate the match.

Barrett was finally able to gain control and started working the champion over with punches. Barrett landed an elbow from the top rope and got a two count. Barrett continued his assault on Orton and beat on him outside of the ring before rolling him inside for another two count.

Orton was able to regain control and nail Barrett with a dropkick. There is a surprising lack of heat in this match. Orton went for a DDT but Barrett shoved Orton and the referee got knocked out. Barrett clotheslined Orton and ordered Cena to get inside the ring. Orton pushed Barrett into Cena and nailed Barrett with a backbreaker while the ref was still out.

The rest of Nexus hit the ring and started attacking Orton. Cena came in the ring and went after Nexus! Barrett asked Cena what he was doing and Cena explained that if the ref came to, Barrett would have lost by DQ and left the ring.

Orton regained control as the ref came to. He planted Barrett with a DDT and motioned for the RKO. Cena snuck into the ring and nailed Barrett with the Attitude Adjustment, getting Orton disqualified. Cena brought the belt into the ring with him and Orton nailed Cena with the RKO. So I was wrong and Orton retains via DQ. Weak ending to a sub-par PPV.

Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton via disqualification.

Orton celebrated for not losing the title I guess and hit Barrett with an RKO for good measure. Cole was selling that Barrett is going to be furious with Cena as the show went off the air.