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Team RAW (The Miz, CM Punk, Sheamus, John Morrison, R-Truth, Santino Marella and Ezekiel Jackson) vs. Team SmackDown! (Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Tyler Reks, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio)
WWE Bragging Rights Tag Team Elimination Match

Tyler Reks and John Morrison started the match while Jerry Lawler, Matt Striker and Michael Cole did some forced commentary on whether RAW was better, or SmackDown! Lawler actually called Smackdown! the “Who’s who of who cares.” Nothing like burying your own product to your audience, it did wonders for the current season of NXT. While all this was happening, Reks hit his finishing move and eliminated Marella.

Jackson came in next and dominated Reks, forcing Reks to tag in the Big Show. Show immediately took control and manhandled Jackson before tagging in Mysterio. Mysterio landed a splash and quickly tagged in Kofi. They went for a double clothesline, but Jackson knocked them both down with a shoulderblock and tagged in Sheamus.

Sheamus worked over Kofi. Kofi was able to gain control and hit the boom drop and went for Trouble in Paradise but hit the SOS instead. Kofi went for the cover, but Sheamus was under the rope. Moments later Sheamus is able to get Kofi up in the high cross and pinned him to eliminate Kofi.

Mysterio was in next, only to be dropped by Mysterio. Sheamus tagged in Punk and a “CM Punk” chant broke out. Sheamus and Punk made frequent tags while beating on Mysterio. Mysterio regained control but Alberto Del Rio made a blind tag and knocked Punk outside of the ring. Del Rio chased him out and threw Mysterio in the barricade while he was out there. Del Rio got back in the ring and continued to dominate Punk while trainers attended to Mysterio. Del Rio then tagged in Swagger.

Mysterio was sent to the back due to the injury. After several more tags, John Morrison scored the next elimination by pinning Jack Swagger after hitting Starship Pain. Lawler made a crack about how you can make it on RAW if you become a big enough star on SmackDown! While that was happening, Sheamus eliminated Tyler Reks leaving SmackDown! down to Show, Edge and Del Rio.

Show and Sheamus battled outside of the ring and were both counted out, leaving SmackDown! down to Edge and Del Rio, while RAW has everyone except Marella.

Edge went on the offensive right off the bat and attacked the RAW corner. Edge was able to hit R-Truth with a spear and eliminate him.

Morrison was in next and after a quick period was met with a spear and was eliminated by Edge.

Punk is in next and Edge missed a spear in the corner, bit it allowed Del Rio to make a blind tag. Punk was able to surprise Del Rio and roll him up and pin him to eliminate Del Rio. We are now down to Edge vs. Jackson, Punk and Miz. As Del Rio was heading to the back, Mysterio punked him from behind and headed back to the ring since he was never eliminated.

Edge played Ricky Morton for the next several minutes as the members of Team RAW kept tagging in and out and working over Edge. Edge finally was able to make the tag to Mysterio, who entered the ring against Punk. Shortly after, Mysterio was able to hit the 619 and splash on Punk to eliminate him, so it’s now two-on-two.

Jackson entered the ring and started working on Mysterio’s injured arm. “Big Ziek” was looking to put Mysterio away, but Mysterio nailed him with a DDT. Mysterio followed up with a 619 and splash to eliminate Jackson, who looked like he had kicked out right before two.

Mysterio immediately went for a 619 on Miz, but Alex Riley sacrificed himself and hugged Miz and got the brunt of the 619. Miz went to pin Mysterio, who kicked out at two. Miz went for a skull crushing finale but Mysterio rolled through and tagged Edge.

Edge immediately came into the ring and speared Miz! Edge quickly went for the cover and got the three count!

Team SmackDown defeated Team RAW.

After the match Matt Striker started celebrating and yelling “in your face,” which came across as really forced and was just annoying. Team Smackdown wins for the second year in a row.