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Ted Dibiase vs. Goldust

Goldust got the early advantage and took the match outside the ring. Dibiase took control when he attacked Goldust while he was getting back to the ring.

Dibiase stayed in control and gained several two counts in the process. Goldust was able to regain control and land several clotheslines and a running bulldog. He then charged at Dibiase, who ducked out of the way and Goldust went flying outside of the ring to the floor.

Goldust decked Dibiase as he was getting back in the ring and came off the top rope, only to be met with a dropkick. Dibiase covered Goldust for a two count. Dibiase was able to lock in the Million Dollar Dream, but Goldust was able to get out. Dibiase hit a spinebuster for two. Dibiase threw Goldust into the corner but was met by an elbow and they both hit the ground.

Outside of the ring, Maryse attacked Aksana and threw her in the ring. Goldust attended to Aksana, and Dibiase nailed Goldust with a DDT and got the three count.

Ted Dibiase pinned Goldust.

After the match Aksana threw Maryse outside of the ring and grabbed the Million Dollar Belt. She teased that she was going with Dibiase and acted like she was going to kiss him, only for Goldust to nail Dibiase from behind. Goldust and Aksana then celebrated over a laid out Dibiase.