Former WWE Diva Serena recently took part in an interview with where she answered a variety questions concerning her time with World Wrestling Entertainment including why she went through with the angle to shave her head, working with CM Punk & Luke Gallows, whether she thought she would never make it to the main roster, her lone televised match, and much more.

Regarding her future in professional wrestling, she commented, “I still have many goals in wrestling that I haven’t fulfilled yet. Wrestling in Japan would be the biggest of those. The respect for wrestling over there is a precious thing and I would be honored to wrestle in front of those crowds. I also think it’s something that I want to prove to myself because not everyone can wrestle that style. The best times in my career so far were my times spent overseas, so I also would love to do more tours abroad. Mexico would be great because I am fluent in Spanish so I would be able to use that skill as well. I want to continue to focus on professional growth, as well as personal. I am still very young with a lot I haven’t seen in the world. We owe it to ourselves to become a better person with each day. The world hasn’t even seen how talented I am yet, but I promise that it will.”

When asked to comment on the story behind her head being shaved, she claimed to be unsure of the ‘whole story’, only noting that she was asked to do it and complied to fulfill her lifelong dream.

“I was approached with the idea of shaving my head and although it took some thinking (being a woman with long hair my whole life), when you are given an opportunity to live your lifelong dream, you will do almost anything. I have no idea if others were asked to do it or not.”

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