First Reviews Are In For The Big Show?s 'Knucklehead' Movie

The first reviews are coming in for the latest WWE studios production, "Knucklehead," starring the Big Show. The movie will have a limited release this weekend and go straight to DVD shortly after that.

Joshua Rothkopf of Time Out New York called it "A distinctly shameless and shoddily made family comedy, this WWE production for wrestler Big Show turns an already saccharine plot into a toxic, fart-laden piledriver."

"A mere plot summary can't begin to approximate the way you'll feel manhandled by a stridently wacky orchestral score (more syrup for your pancakes?) and story elements seemingly selected by a brain-dead Hulkamaniac," Rothkopf said. "Is it fair to include both an unattached blond teacher and a cute orphan with abandonment issues? Wight himself is a benign, dopey presence; you don't mind him. But it's a mistake for the big lug to shoot so broadly for the middle. It takes a special kind of failure to make Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's efforts look like models of sparkling wit and unpredictability."

In another review, Nick Shager had of Slant Magazine asks, "If a WWE-produced film can't get squared-circle action right, what can be expected of it."