When Homicide was released by TNA shortly after Bischoff and Hogan took over. Many fans kind of scratched their heads in wonder over the decision; and to be honest I was one of them. Homicide, now with Ring of Honor, spoke with ClubWWI.com about his TNA release. He also covers other subjects like Suicide, going to the WWE.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

On his release after Bischoff and Hogan showed up: “Hogan and Bischoff have got a different vision. They don’t come to TNA to destroy TNA. They came in to have a different vision. And if I’m not part of their vision, I’m out. I’m not gonna stay and – I’m not gonna say job out but – basically losing money and losing my fan base and things I can do good. I’m very confident I can be a major star. I’m not gonna be the next Triple H, John Cena, but I always say I will be the next Terry Funk. Meaning that when I die, people are going to remember my name.”

On the character “Suicide”: “I think the name was stupid. Homicide. Suicide. Look at that. They match. Then people joking around saying, ‘Oh team them up and call them Genocide’ it’s stupid. I don’t know who came up with that name. I don’t know if it was Midway. I don’t know if it was TNA. I don’t know. As a wrestler, character, I liked it. It’s original. It’s different. I wish the character Suicide got a bigger push. I don’t know what happened. If it’s on delay, but to me – the name is dumb. It’s the same. It’s the same.”

On working with the WWE: “My goal is to wrestle (Madison Square Garden). If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. But the only ones who wrestle MSG are the ones who go to WWE. As for the name ‘Homicide’, I would love to bring that name over there but I’d rather keep it where it is, in the Indies and in the Tri-State area. I would have no problem with going to WWE and having them give me a ridiculous name like ‘Brute Force’ or something like that. It doesn’t matter.

“If they tell me they want to keep ‘Homicide’, that would be cool. That would be cool. But I’d rather have Homicide stay in the Indies and stay at the Tri-State area because look at the Dudleys, man. They went to WWE, Vince McMahon bought their name, and now they’re Team 3D. Now I love the name Team 3D because they got the best finisher in the world and no one ever kicked out of it. So me going to WWE with the name change might be a little bit of an issue, but, hey man, I can’t argue. I’d rather leave the name in the Tri-State area and the Indies.”