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Edge vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger got the early advantage over the injured Edge. Swagger dominated the opening minutes of the match and worked Edge over with submission holds. Swagger continued to dominate, including locking Edge in an abdominal stretch on the top rope. As he came back into the ring, Edge tok advantage and nailed Swagger with a boot to the head. Crowd is quiet so far for this match.

Edge followed up with punches and a clothesline and then a modified bulldog. Edge got a two count and then followed up with a couple of other offensive moves before Swagger was able to lock in an ankle lock. Edge made the ropes, forcing Swagger to break the hold. Edge back body dropped Swagger outside of the ring, but Swagger pulled Edge out. Swagger went for an ankle lock outside of the ring but Edge kicked him off into the steps and threw him back in the ring. Edge then climbed to the top rope and hit a flying drop kick for another two count. The crowd is still lifeless.

Edge climbed to the top again but was met with a belly to belly throw from Swagger for a two count. Swagger hit a back suplex, but missed a splash and Edge hit a DDT. Edge then motioned for a spear but was met with a gut wrench power bomb and Swagger got another two count. Swagger grabbed a leg and Swagger went for another ankle lock but Edge rolled out and popped off the ropes for a spear. Edge covered and was able to get the pin. Both guys tried hard, but the lack of crowd reaction really hurt this match.

Winner via pinfall: Edge