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World Heavyweight Title Hell In A Cell Match:
Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker

Kane jumped the Undertaker as he was getting into the cage and beat on him outside of the ring. e dragged Taker back in but Taker was able to reverse an irish whip into the cage to gain the advantage. Taker rammed a chair into Kane’s ribs and took the match back into the ring. Undertaker continued on offense until Kane was able to use the chair inside the ring to regain the advantage.

Kane later regained the advantage and started working over Taker’s leg. The crowd is quiet for this match, and may be worn out after the Cena match. Kane continued to work the leg over and stayed in control for most of the match.

At one point Taker was able to lock in Hell’s Gate, but Kane was able to shift his weight and get out of the ring. Kane got back in the ring and they nailed each other with a big boot to the face. The both sat up at the same time and traded punches on their knees, with Taker finally getting the better of it and then nailing Kane for a DDT, allowing him to get a two count. Taker then hit a chokeslam, but Kane was out at two. Undertaker went for the Last Ride, but Kane hit Taker’s leg and hit a chokeslam to get a two count of his own.

Kane charged at Taker several times in the corner with a splash and then teed off on the undertaker with punches. Kane climbed o the second rope and continued to drop punches, but Taker grabbed Kane and landed a Last Ride, but Kane kicked out at two.

Undertaker got Kane up for the tombstone, but Kane reversed and hit The Undertaker with a tombstone, but only got two! Kane then decked the referee, laying him out. Another ref came in as Kane went out of the ring and started to chase Paul Bearer, who was inside the cage. While Bearer looks the same as he did six years ago, he is moving WAY slower.

Kane stalked him into the ring. Kane started yelling at Bearer as Taker sat up. Kane turned around and Taker chokeslammed Kane. Taker motioned for the tombstone and the lights went blue and lightning started to flash which was cheesy as hell. Bearer opened the urn, which had a light and flashed it in Taker’s face. Taker was blinded for a minute and then stunned. Bearer then handed the run to Kane, who smashed Taker over the head with it. Kane followed up with a chokeslam and got the win. So now Paul Bearer is back with Kane in this feud with the Undertaker, it’s deja vu all over again.

Winner via pinfall: Kane