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US Title Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match:
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison

The Miz takes the mic while walking to the ring and says that he was the mentor of both his opponents and no one would know who they were if it weren’t for him. He then said he’d still be a huge star, even without either of them and that he will be the US Champion after tonight. He finished by saying he never taps out because he’s the Miz…

Bryan and Morrison started the match going after Miz, who took refuge outside of the ring. Both wrestlers started chasing him around the ring and back inside. Bryan nailed Miz with a dropkick, knocking him outside of the ring. Bryan and Morrison then exchanged submission holds in the ring.

As is becoming standard in triple threat matches, much of the match featured one guy being on the outside while the two other combatants squared off in the ring. Bryan utilized his library of submission holds when he had the advantage.

The match spilled to the outside of the ring, where Miz backdropped Morrison into the stands. Miz then worked on Morrison’s wrist while fighting in the crowd. Morrison powered out of the hold and started brawling with Miz through the stands. Miz regained the advantage and locked a dragon sleeper on the steel railing on Morrison. Bryan came into the mix, and Miz took the advatage and beat on Bryan in the crowd while visibly giving instructions to Bryan.

Morrison came to and threw Miz back behind the stage and turned his attention to Bryan. While they were fighting, Miz came out with a cart and nailed Morrison with it. He then placed Bryan on the cart and lunged him to the ramp. All three continued to battle near the stage, and Miz planted Morrison with the skull crushing finale on the floor. Miz and Morrison then double clotheslined each other at the top of the stage.

With Miz and Bryan down, Morrison climbed to the top of a portion of cage that was setup as part of the stage and came off with a flying crossbody onto both opponents.

Morrison then placed Miz in a Texas cloverleaf but Alex Riley came in from the back and took Morrison out. Bryan shoved Riley into a cameraman and then locked in the LeBell lock on Miz on the ramp. Bryan kept it locked in until the Miz finally tapped.

Winner and still US Champion: Daniel Bryan