Jim Ross Blogs: Lesnar Vs. 'Taker, Shaul Guerrero, KOTR, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights…

On Lesnar vs. Taker: The buzz created by the seemingly impromptu 'confrontation,' and I use that term loosely, after the UFC event between the Undertaker and Lesnar seems to be subsiding. I do not know conclusively what actually occurred in those few seconds but one might ask, were the two, former business associates merely 'fishing' for a response? If so, the response from the WWE fan base, in particular, was significant. What then does that mean? I suspect that it means nothing as it relates to a future 'dream bout' between the WWE's most prolific, active superstar, who has never lost at a Wrestlemania event, and the man formerly known in WWE as 'The Next Big Thing.' Could a one time, re-entry into the world of sports/entertainment be a lucrative move for Lesnar? Of course it could. Not only for the cash that he would earn for his Wrestlemania performance but also, potentially, for other ancillary income such as licensing, merchandise, and overall promotion of the Lesnar brand including Lesnar's biography which comes out sometime in 2011.

On Vickie and Shaul Guerrero: I had a nice visit with Vickie Guerrero, who has lost over 30 pounds BTW, in Minneapolis Sunday about her daughter Shaul starting soon with WWE in Florida Championship Wrestling. Like any Mom, Vickie is anxious to see how this matter works out with her oldest daughter leaving El Paso and moving to Tampa. Who wouldn't be? Vickie will find herself in the unique position of being the wife of a wrestler, the late, great Eddie Guerrero, an active performer and now the Mom of a potential WWE performer. Vickie is very supportive of her daughter's dream to become involved in the 'family business.' I hope that Shaul will continue to take college courses on line which is extremely important for many reasons not the least of which is that the 20 year old beauty is an excellent student. Nothing is more powerful than education and I think that it would be tremendous some day if WWE strongly suggested that anyone seeking a career in a WWE ring have a college degree.

On The Return Of The KOTR: Good to see the return of the King of the Ring which will be the apparent focus of an upcoming, 3 hour Monday Night Raw. The concept will apparently start and end on one night which sets the premise for the night and then will deliver the pay off with the crowing of a King of the Ring. At least that is my uninformed impression.

On PG TV: Emailer...Absolutely 'yes' when asked if a TV wrestling show can be successful having a PG rating. Going low road, featuring risqué, non family friendly segments, and blood for blood's sake isn't the magic formula. Telling great stories via well thought out storylines featuring persona's/stars that the fans have emotionally invested in are more significant in a TV show being compelling and successful than the show's TV rating.


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