Jeff D. sent this one:

* I attended Bound for Glory tonight at the Ocean Center.

* Place was half full.

* Lot’s of papered fans. A friend of mine won 8 tickets at the autograph signings.

* Dixie walked around before the show and shook hands.

* Janice and Bob Carter were in attendance.

* The crowd was hot for the Machineguns vs. GenMe match.

* Nobody cared for Orlando Jordan.

* Mickie James looked insecure when the Beautiful People were doing their ring entrance.

* The crowd was pissed when Eric Bischoff came out.

* The audience was throwing popcorn and sodas at the wrestlers and cameramen for a good 15 minutes at the end of the show.

* The crowd didn’t seem happy with the finish of the main event.

* The show live was an average show except for the 1st match in my opinion.

* Hulk Hogan and Eric B. left first then after the main event in their limo.

John Benoit sent this one along:

* Tonight at the TNA merchandise stand, you could buy a Bound for Glory shirt for 20 dollars and a signed PPV poster by tna talent for 75 bucks. They were also selling Mick Foley’s new book.

* Live, it was really hard to hear the backstage promos in the Arena.

* Nick and Brooke Hogan were sitting in the crowd all night.

* I don’t know where the PPV TV broadcast ended but as soon as it went off air, TNA rushed Taz and Mike Tenay backstage as ringside fans continued to throw stuff in the ring at “They” as they continued celebrating Jeff Hardy’s win. There were a LOT of shocked people tonight and some were downright pissed off. I was seriously concerned a riot was going to break out and the throwing of stuff reminded me of the old WCW and ECW days. I didn’t see anyone ejected after the PPV.