Matt Hardy Update, WWE's MSG Return, Linda Debates

-- Linda McMahon continued to paint herself as a "business entrepreneur" who saw the "need for political change" during tonight's debate with Connecticut senate opponent Richard Blumenthal, who she called a "career politician." On the WWE-independent contractor topic, McMahon simply said it was "convenient" WWE was investigated for the first time in company history during the Senate race. McMahon said the employees' "health and well being is so important to WWE." For what it's worth, I watched the debate live and she did very well.

-- WWE will have a RAW house show on December 26th at Madison Square Garden.

-- In a surprising move, Matt Hardy tweeted the following yesterday: "You guys & gals, take care of yourselves. I'm about to head out for a few well earned days of vacation. Talk to you all in a couple days! :)"

-- In other WWE Twitter news, Paul Bearer just tweeted, "Just found out before I took off from DFW that I'm going to be a grandpa again. My oldest son and his wife are pregnant. :-)" Congrats to Paul!


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