WWE SmackDown! superstar MVP is back on Twitter venting his frustrations about being misused in WWE. The former United States champion says he’s not happy with the way things currently are, but keeps an upbeat attitude and says he’s not leaving the company any time soon.

When a fan asked him last night if he was happy in WWE, MVP responded,

“Not my finest hours but life is all about peaks & valleys! Tomorrow is a new day!”

Another fan asked MVP if he has lost his passion for wrestling. He replied:

“I LOVE wrestling! Not crazy about the “business”.”

MVP later said the following about his relationship with WWE:

“All relationships have ups & downs. You work thru ’em. I’M NOT LEAVING! Let ’em speculate on that. I’m pretty candid!”

For what it’s worth, we never said he was leaving WWE or wanted to be “fired”. We simply said he was one of several guys that are unhappy with their current WWE statuses. Our exact quote in the report was: “He’s obviously one of the guys who’s not happy these days.” It seems clearly obvious by these latest tweets that he’s not all that thrilled. We all know how this stuff goes over with WWE management so we’ll see where things go from here.