— You can read a Q&A with Christopher Daniels at https://blogs.southtownstar.com/

— On December 12th, Dick “The Destroyer” Byers will be doing an autograph signing at the Webster Columbus Center in Webster, NY.

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is rumored to play Sinbad in a new production of “Arabian Nights.” The WWE legend is in talks to star in the film directed by Chuck Russell, who also worked on Johnson’s first big hit, “The Scorpion King.”

— I attended the live Smackdown last night. Crowd was about 85-90% full. Strangely there was a large section close to the ring that had a bunch of empty seats but I haven’t noticed it watching the TV. The makeup was probably 45-50% kids, 30% Hispanic, 20% African American. it was a different demographic than the largely white TNA audience from last week. I have been to most of WWEs live shows over the last 10 years and this was the most positive reaction Cena has gotten. I now think it might be a bad idea to turn him heel because he was more over than anybody I’ve seen live since Austin. The last two matches that didn’t air were Undertaker and Kane going to a double countout which was kind of a dull match and Randy Orton beating Shamus when Shamus went for the kick and Orton landed an RKO. Biggest pops were for Cena, Undertaker, Rey, Orton, and Big Show with Cena being far more popular than Orton. Best heat was probably CM Punk and Nexus. The TNA show last week had better wrestling with Joe and Styles and the Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money but that had a lot to do with this being a TV show.

— At 11AM Monday, Stacy Keibler will be the guest on 700 WLW in Cincinnati.

Marcos Cortest contributed to this article.