Thanks to reader Nathan Amos for sending these off-camera notes from last night’s WWE Bragging Rights PPV:

– As we noted last night, MVP defeated Chavo Guerrero in a dark match before the PPV went on the air.

– There were CM Punk chants every time he tagged in.

– There was a “Turn Cena Heel” sign down in the first few rows on the TV side that was never confiscated. Interesting if that made it into any of the shots.

– There was a “This is awesome” chant during the Ziggler/Bryan match. Definitely the best match of the night wrestling-wise.

– If lightning really struck the tombstone after the Buried Alive match it was added in by production, since all that the live crowd could see was the pyro from a flamethrower mounted behind the tombstone.

– After they went off the air, Randy finished climbing up all the turnbuckles and then was about to head up the walkway when he seemed to notice something. He came over to the barrier by some fans – looked like a mom with an Orton sign – and she had a couple kids with her. He leaned down and spoke to a little girl, and it seemed like the girl either didn’t understand him, or didn’t know what the hell was going on. He leaned back down and spoke to her again, then stood there for a second, and then turned away. They were still showing him up on the TitanTron, and he visibly rolled his eyes at a cameraman before leaving. Not sure what that was all about… maybe he wanted to take the kids in the ring with him and the girl didn’t want to or didn’t understand..

– The Survivor Series ad was not shown to the live crowd at all.

– After the show, I stood outside with the crowd by the talent entrance for about 20 minutes to watch some of the wrestlers leave. Mark Henry was there so hopefully his brother is doing better. JR also tweeted earlier today that Lawler’s plane from NY had to make an emergency landing in Syracuse due to a TV monitor shorting out and starting on fire. Obviously he made it ok.

Nathan Amos contributed to this article.