Original Plan For Final Member Of Team RAW, Jillian Hall-WWE

-- The Baltimore Sun has a story on last night's Linda McMahon vs. Richard Blumenthal debate that you can check out at https://www.baltimoresun.com/

-- There's another story about the debate at the Connecticut Mirror available at https://www.ctmirror.org/

-- Jesse Ventura was on Howard Stern this morning to promote his show Conspiracy Theory. He said that he doesn't support Linda McMahon because he refuses to support anyone from either of the two major political parties. He also said that WWE classifying wrestlers as independent contracts is a scam.

-- Following Monday's RAW, one spot remains for Team RAW for the WWE Bragging Rights Tag Team Match at WWE Bragging Rights. The remaining spot was tabbed for Mark Henry, and may still be, but he missed the show because his brother is in a coma after suffering a stroke last week.

-- It's interesting to note that Jillian is featured as today's "Daily Diva" on WWE.com. While she still's officially listed as a WWE Superstar on the company website, she was reportedly removed from the active roster two weeks ago due to her new assigned role as trainer for developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling.

-- Obviously we won't be posting anymore WWE NXT ratings due to the show moving to WWE.com. Yes, I really got several emails asking where the NXT rating was.


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