Report: Major ROH Roster Changes - Releases?, More

ROH will be making some roster changes. At the weekend TV tapings, a number of talents were either finishing up or being told that they would be given a break from the company. This is being done so that they can be freshened up, and when they are brought back to the company, they will have a clean slate. As of now, there are names being rumored, but at this time, the names haven't been confirmed. More on this later…

According to ROH owner Cary Silkin, no talents have been released from ROH. Some talents will be getting "time out" of storylines so they can be brought back later on with new direction and storylines. For some of the talents, there is a timeline for their return, but for others, that hasn't been mapped out yet.

Names rumored to be taking a "time out" are: The Dark City Fight Club, Necro Butcher, Austin Aries and Erick Stevens. ROH has not confirmed these names.

Source: PWInsider


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