Yes sir, we promised you a great main event.

Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes

Great match to kick off Smackdown, Rey was obviously going to be on this team at Bragging Rights but I thought that Cody would as well, Cody has been great since being drafted to Smackdown and bar winning the Tag Titles I don’t think he’s been featured on pay-per-view and I think that’s a shame, maybe Rhodes & Drew McIntyre will be in some inter-brand tag match at Bragging Rights, if not then I think it’s a big shame that we don’t have Cody Rhodes on the Smackdown team, he was on the RAW team last year and he’s in a lot stronger of a position now than he was last year.

Big Show & Kaval Promo

They really made Kaval look weak, Big Show didn’t take him seriously but gave him the opportunity at least. It’s just funny the contrast between Barrett & Kaval. Barrett is the full package though, Kaval is an amazing wrestler and is over but Barrett does have that little bit extra to be a main player. It would be smart for Kaval to use his guaranteed title shot for the IC Title. But I didn’t like how they are making Kaval look like an underdog despite winning NXT.

Jack Swagger def. MVP

Again another match that both men could of qualified for, that’s two matches into the qualifiers and we’ve had 4 out 4 for possible qualifiers, unlike RAW where there was only one realistic qualifier from each of the matches. The match itself was a very convincing win for Swagger, as he’s the former World Champion it makes sense and finally they’re doing something with him. He’s been lost since he lost his World Heavyweight Championship. MVP however has been without a push or backing in months. How long before he starts posting weird videos on YouTube.

Michael Cole on Commentary vs. Matt Stiker & Todd Grisham

Having Michael Cole on commentary is a good idea anyway as he’s on top of his game at the moment and the best announcer in the business today but having him big up RAW while Striker gives out to him defending Smackdown adds a little more to the brand vs. brand pay-per-view. It’s not just the wrestlers who take pride in their brand.

Alberto Del Rio def. Chris Masters

I honestly didn’t know that Chris Masters was still under WWE contract. Maybe this one didn’t have two possible qualifiers but I’m glad they did it for this because not only out of this two but just looking at the Smackdown roster from a glance you’d have to include Alberto Del Rio in the Smackdown team. He’s been on a role since his debut last month and it’s a credit to Del Rio that he lost in the main event of last week’s show to Rey Mysterio and was able to come back this week without losing a step. The typical heel would cut a promo making excuses for losing last week but instead Del Rio comes in beats Masters and heads onto Bragging Rights. I like how Big Show talked Del Rio up. Only a matter of time before we see this man with gold. Money In The Bank winner at ‘Mania? If there is one at ‘Mania.

Edge def. Dolph Ziggler

Probably match of the night and a match I’d love to see in a proper program. Dolph Ziggler is finally getting the run with the Intercontinental Title and a good run aswell. Him and Edge had a competitive evenly fought match and Ziggler matches the 9 time World Champion and it’s great to see, Ziggler will be a World Champion one day and it’s good to see him go the old route of working his way up through the Intercontinental Championship. With CM Punk on Team RAW after being traded it made sense to let Edge advance. Ziggler will more than likely battle Daniel Bryan in a Champion vs. Champion match at the pay-per-view, they had one last year between Morrison & Miz so I imagine they’ll have it this year. So I’m OK with Dolph losing when he’ll still make it to the pay-per-view. Big Show did a fantastic job on commentary both in general and in trying to promote the Smackdown team as something special.

Kaval vs. Big Show / Tyler Reks def. Kaval

As I said earlier I didn’t like the way the promo went between Show & Kaval. The match however I thought was handled a lot better. It was apparent that Big Show let the match last five minutes, he just wanted to teach Kaval some respect and let him earn his place. It made Big Show look strong as a leader for the Smackdown team, however he showed his inexperience when he naively accepted Tyler Reks challenge to put his spot on the line. Tyler’s debut on Smackdown was horribly done though, he just walked out and challenged Kaval and nobody acknowledged that we haven’t seen Reks on Smackdown before. He hasn’t been on TV since ECW stopped airing in February. How many people would of remembered him or even seen him in ECW? Either way, he made an impact in his beat down of Kaval. His finisher is pretty awesome too, a torture rack into a DDT via F5? complicated a small bit! Reks is the wild card but is big enough to demolish somebody like Santino at Bragging Rights.

Kofi Kingston def. Drew McIntyre

Remember when Drew McIntyre was the chosen one? He looked a dead cert to become the World Champion despite the negative crowd reaction. Luckily they pulled him from that spot. He got a few moves in but this was a glorified squash match for Kofi Kingston who completed the puzzle for the Smackdown team which looks fantastic! Show / Mysterio / Edge / Kofi / Reks / Del Rio / Swagger, be hard to bet against them. But that’s what they want us to do.

Kane – Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match

I’m a massive Undertaker fan and loved finally seeing an even feud between these two but the fact of the matter is I got bored of this feud the second Undertaker became a part of it. Kane held the feud with his promos during and after the absence but this silliness is ruining it for me. Standing on top of the arena with conveniently placed purple spotlights just doesn’t do it for me. I like the Buried Alive match but thought they would of kept it for Undertaker’s 20th Anniversary at Survivor Series but as Paul Bearer only has a short term contract I reckon Paul Bearer will be buried at Bragging Rights and Kane will escape before being buried leading to Survivor Series where Undertaker will then regain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Smackdown this week was good and like RAW was very match heavy with the qualifiers for Bragging Rights. The teams are looking good and next week the other matches set up for the pay-per-view, as next week are the go home shows they’ll be hoping for something similar. But with TNA iMPACT! being strong on Thursday night it was a good week for wrestling TV. Just the way we like it!