— North Korea has released an Antonio Inoki postage stamp. Inoki is very well known in the country since Rikidozan is a national hero and Inoki was promoted as his protege in addition to his 1995 match with Ric Flair that drew the largest crowd ever for a pro wrestling event drawing 170,000 fans.

— THonline.com is featuring an interview with TNA’s Jeff Jarrett where he talks about the touring of the company and where things are headed in 2011 and TNA vs. WWE. “We’re taking the company into the year 2011 and beyond and intend to become the most powerful wrestling organization in the world. When WWE bought WCW in 2001, it left a huge void in the market place. Without a No. 2, there can’t be a No. 1. Quite frankly, our roster is better than their roster. They’re a publicly traded company that has 50 years of history. From a business standpoint, they’ve got such a head start. But we’re finding a niche in our own way.”

— TNA’s originally scheduled iMPACT! TV tapings on November 22 and 23 were moved up a week to November 15 and 16. The main belief is that RAW is being taped in Orlando on November 22 and they were nervous that it would lead to a bad live crowd. As a result, they will be holding two weeks of TV tapings on November 8 and 9 after the Turning Point PPV and will return the following week for another two week set of tapings before Final Resolution. They also designed the December schedule to give people a ton of time off as they will hold the Final Resolution PPV on December 5, hold TV tapings on December 6 and 7, take a day off and then return on December 9 and 10. This means after December 10, they won’t tape anything again until January 2011.