The Boogeyman Says He's Returning Soon, Benoit Vs. McMahon

-- Things have picked up in the Connecticut Senate race. Richard Blumenthal, Linda McMahon's primary opposition in the election, has brought in Michael Benoit, the father of the late Chris Benoit to Hartford, CT today for a speaking appearance. Benoit will discuss Linda McMahon and the WWE's treatment of pro wrestlers. The Hartford Courant spoke with McMahon about the move, and she noted that "feelings are bitter, sad ...[he] wants to find an answer and also someone to blame."

-- The WWE website has posted a video package of The Miz and Maryse attending the Jackass 3D premiere in Los Angeles, California.

-- Former WWE star The Boogeyman recently opened an account on YouTube and posted a WWE-esque video of himself indicating he's "coming to your neighborhood soon," as 'Slither'. You can check out the video at


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