Wade Barrett is not the only WWE superstar who was scheduled to win gold at Sunday’s Bragging Rights PPV only to have the plans changed.

According to insider sources, the Undertaker was originally scheduled to win the World Heavyweight Title in his Buried Alive match with Kane. Those plans were changed recently when it was found out that he will need surgery to repair his nagging shoulder injury, which is rumored to be a torn rotator cuff. The Undertaker is going to be checked out this week and everybody hopes he won’t require surgery.

Instead of the originally planned finish of Taker choking out Kane and burying him alive, WWE instead went with Nexus coming out and attacking Taker, allowing Kane to get the win. Kane needing Nexus’ help to defeat the Dead Man was a way to protect the Undertaker, who had lost the two previous matches between the two of them (No Holds Barred at Night of Champions and the Hell in a Cell match last month).

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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