TNA Bound For Glory: Eric Young & Orlando Jordan Vs. Ink Inc.

Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc.

Jordan and Neal look to start things out for their teams. EY pulls the ref out of the ring and actualy decides to ref the match for a bit. EY and the ref argue for a bit while Neal and OJ continue to fight. Neal hits a crossbody that's good for a two before tagging in Moore. Moore hits a dropkick, good for another two count, before Jordan begins to come back. Jordan tags out to EY who comes in and refuses to fight until OJ exits. EY gives high fives to everyone, Jordan last, and then he catapults Jordan into the ring over the top rope, since that was a tag. Neal and Moore both splash Jordan in he corner, and EY tries to, but Jordan moves and EY is crotches on the top rope. Jordan is put on the rope as well, and Ink Inc. force the ropes up and down with OJ and EY crotched.

Back in the ring, Moore eats a spinebuster from Jordan that's good for a two count. Neal tries to come in a break it up ad the ref stops him. Jordan tries to get EY to come in, but EY consults the tule book and won't cheat. Jordan tries to pin Moore with his hands on the ropes and EY kicks it off. Jordan and Moore both go for, and connect with a clothesline. Jordan slaps the rule book out of EY's hand, and clothesline's Neal off the apron. Jordan motions for Young to get in, but he just runs to the opposite corner. Moore crawls over and makes the tag to EY. Moore looks confused and he gets knocked to the floor by Jordan. EY comes in and hits a big dropkick and series of clotheslines on Jordan before hitting a huge backdrop. Neal and Moore hit their double team finisher, and Moore pins Jordan, getting the three count.

Winners: Ink Inc.