— Kevin Thorn appeared on In the Room this week, here are some highlights:

On WWE’s Treatment of the Vampire: After sitting there for close to a year, Vince decided that WWE didn’t need vampires and neither did the world. And they made me cut my hair and wear a singlet and they put no story behind it, no nothing, and then they were like, “It’s not working.” Well go figure it’s not working. I was a vampire one week and now I got no fangs and am just the average guy. Of course it didn’t work.

On His TNA Tryout: I came through the curtain and I had Sting and Booker T and [Kevin] Nash and they told me, “You did good. We need someone like you around here. You’d be a hell of a heel.” Even Terry Taylor told me he’d be calling me about a job and I was like on Cloud Nine when I left there. All of a sudden a couple weeks went by and the phone call never happened. And I called Terry and I think his words were “The right people weren’t in the office at the right time for you to get your job.”

On WWE’s treatment of its wrestlers: I agree with a lot because I got to see the world, do a lot of interesting things and meet a lot of interesting people. Too, though, when you’re gone it’s like you’re forgotten and nobody really cares about the end result of your tenure. I mean, I was there almost 8-1/2 years. It’s kind of shocking to go from that to the real world. The majority of guys are like I was. They start when they’re 21. There’s no 401K. A lot of these guys are going to have a rude awakening when they’re shoved out the door for the new breed.

On the Stand Up for WWE Campaign: They have all the guys standing up for WWE that work for them. They’re doing alright. If you’re going to do Stand Up for WWE, why not go to the guys that have since left the company and kind of find out where they’re at? See what standing up for WWE actually is.

Thorn also talked about his take on the perception of wrestlers as “meatheads,” the stars and former stars who are best at marketing themselves, who he still keeps in touch with from WWE, and which of his characters is his favorite. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

— WWE posted a video of Toby Keith talking about guest starring on Monday Night Raw this past Monday night, you can check it out below:

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