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MVP defeated Chavo Guerrero in the dark match.

The Buried Alive setup is complete with a tombstone, shovels and earthmover. The entire upper level is taped off except for the TV side. The main card is about to begin…

The opening promo airs focusing on the ‘Buried Alive’ match, as well as the SmackDown! vs. RAW match.

“EXCUSE ME!” Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan

There is a big “Daniel Bryan” chant as Bryan gets the upper hand in the early moments of the match. Bryan kept trying to lock in submission maneuvers with Ziggler becoming increasingly frustrated.

Ziggler gained the advantage and hit an inverted bodyslam. Ziggler got a series of two counts before syncing in a chinlock. Bryan powered out, only to be knocked back to the mat. Ziggler continued on offense, earning several two counts along the way.

Ziggler continued to work his opponent over with submission moves. Bryan was able to regain control of the match after Ziggler missed a charge in the corner. Bryan nailed Ziggler with several kicks and a knee to the face. Bryan followed with a flying forearm but only got a two count.

Bryan continued to kick away at Ziggler, including landing a missile dropkick from the top rope. Bryan missed a kick and was rolled up by Ziggler for a two count. Ziggler then connected with a superkick for two. Ziggler then went for Zig-Zag but Bryan held on to the top rope. Bryan connected with another kick and got a two count.

Bryan climbed to the top but was crotched. Ziggler went for a superplex, but Bryan slipped from under Ziggler’s legs and crotched Ziggler on the top. Bryan then went for a back suplex from the top but Ziggler shifted his weight and landed on top for a two count. The two traded two counts before colliding when both were going for bodypresses.

The two then went for a series of pinfalls before Ziggler hit the famouser for a three count. However, the referee saw Bryan get his foot on the bottom rope right before he counted three so the match continues.

Ziggler then went for the sleeper hold and held it on as Bryan went to the mat. Bryan was able to get to the ropes and Ziggler broke the hold. Ziggler was slapping Bryan as he got up, and Bryan quickly put Ziggler in the LeBell Lock and Ziggler tapped. Really good opener.

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission.

After the match Vickie started yelling at the referee, and the ref ordered Vickie to leave the arena as the fans chanted “you tapped out.”

Backstage The Miz is telling Alex Riley how Bryan was his rookie and he taught Bryan everything he knows. Sheamus came in and mocked Miz, who then reminded Sheamus that he was the team captain. CM Punk came in making fun of Miz being pinned by Mysterio before Santino Marella came in and asked for snacks and beverages. Punk said that if anyone’s giving orders, it’s him and Marella ordered Sun Chips. Sheamus told Miz that if anyone gets in his face, he’ll kick their head off. The segment ended with Miz saying that we need to unite since we’re Team Raw and we are awesome. Punk said “some of us are awesome” and walked off.

Several National Guard soldiers were shown at ringside.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes’ music hits and he’s headed to the ring. Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he joins Rhodes towards the ring. Rhodes takes the mic and says that no one has more to brag about than he and McIntyre. McIntyre said no one wanted to face them and everyone was scared of them. Cue the RAW GM’s beep. Michael Cole announced that there is a team on RAW worthy of facing them for the tag titles and the Nexus’ music hits. Wade Barrett comes out and says that this will be the greatest night in the history of the Nexus since he’ll be crowned the new WWE Champion. He then announced “one-half of the new WWE tag team champions, David Otunga.” He followed up by introducing John Cena!

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre (c) vs. David Otunga and John Cena
WWE Tag Team Championship

Otunga started the match and the champions got the early advantage. Otunga was finally able to recover and made a stiff tag to Cena.

Cena dominated Rhodes, and held him up for a long time for a suplex. Cena hit it and Otunga started screaming for the tag to no avail, and Cena covered Rhodes for a two count. Otunga then started yelling at Cena for not tagging in and he was jumped from behind by McIntyre.

The champs maintained control, double teaming Cena and making fast tags. Cena was able to regain control and hit the five knuckle shuffle on McIntyre. Rhodes tagged in and went for Cross-Rhodes, but Cena reversed and got Rhodes in the STF, forcing Rhodes to tap!

John Cena and David Otunga defeated Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre to win the WWE Tag Team Championships.

After the match, Otunga celebrated with both belts. He eventually gave Cena one. Cena proceeded to give Otunga the Attitude Adjustment and left with both belts.

A preview for ‘Knucklehead’ aired.

Backstage Josh Matthews interviewed Ted Dibiase. Dibiase said that he doesn’t like Goldust and he’ll beat him and take back his Million Dollar title. He then said that he’ll follow it up by having his NXT girl deported.

Ted Dibiase vs. Goldust

Goldust got the early advantage and took the match outside the ring. Dibiase took control when he attacked Goldust while he was getting back to the ring.

Dibiase stayed in control and gained several two counts in the process. Goldust was able to regain control and land several clotheslines and a running bulldog. He then charged at Dibiase, who ducked out of the way and Goldust went flying outside of the ring to the floor.

Goldust decked Dibiase as he was getting back in the ring and came off the top rope, only to be met with a dropkick. Dibiase covered Goldust for a two count. Dibiase was able to lock in the Million Dollar Dream, but Goldust was able to get out. Dibiase hit a spinebuster for two. Dibiase threw Goldust into the corner but was met by an elbow and they both hit the ground.

Outside of the ring, Maryse attacked Aksana and threw her in the ring. Goldust attended to Aksana, and Dibiase nailed Goldust with a DDT and got the three count.

Ted Dibiase pinned Goldust.

After the match Aksana threw Maryse outside of the ring and grabbed the Million Dollar Belt. She teased that she was going with Dibiase and acted like she was going to kiss him, only for Goldust to nail Dibiase from behind. Goldust and Aksana then celebrated over a laid out Dibiase and left the ring with the Million Dollar Belt in tow.

Laycool’s music hit and they start to head to the ring. Layla said Natalya would be right at home in Minnesota with all the stupid accents. Layla and Michelle McCool continued to rip the crowd and Brett Favre.

Divas Championship Match
Layla (c) vs. Natalya

Layla took the early advantage. Natalya got Layla up in a suplex and did squats while she held her. Natalya dropped her and got a two count. Natalya threw Layla outside of the ring and threw her against the barricade before getting her back in the ring. She then slammed McCool against the barricade as well. Natalya went to get back in the ring but McCool tripped her and Layla took advantage.

Back in the ring Layla locked in a couple of submission holds before Natalya regained control with a clothesline and a cover for two. Natalya followed up with a suplex, clothesline and a dropkick. She went for another cover, but Layla got out at two again.

Natalya went for the sharpshooter but Layla wiggled out and went outside of the ring. Layla grabbed her belt and headed to the back, but Natalya caught her and sent her back in the ring. Back in the ring, McCool nailed Natalya over the head with the belt and Layla quickly covered her for the three count.

Layla pinned Natalya to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

A promo for The Survivor Series aired featuring Wade Barrett, focusing entirely on the Nexus. Might be a hint that Barrett is leaving with the title tonight.

The “Buried Alive” match is up next, which means that Kane is likely retaining. Josh Matthews is standing in the grave going over the rules of the match while this creep music played in the background complete with fake lightning.

Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker entered the ring first. Kane was next, but Undertaker wasted no time and attacked Kane as he was making his way to the ring. WrestlingINC.com reader Nathan Amos, who is at the event, noted that Kane’s pyro sticks are attached to the ring posts which is further evidence that Kane is retaining since his pyro wasn’t used during his entrance.

Taker beat on Kane outside of the ring, including throwing him into the ring steps. Taker then took the fight into the stands, and continued to dominate his brother. Taker then threw Kane back towards the ring and threw several steel chairs into the ring. Taker took the top of the table off ad then went into the ring.

Taker grabbed a chair and went to hit Kane, who retreated outside of the ring. Taker continued to dominate Kane and went back into the stands. They finally came back to the ring and Kane was able to finally gain control, nailing Undertaker with a steel chair several times across the back. Kane continued his assault with the chair and then hit a chokeslam. As Taker got up, Kane ht him with another chokeslam. Kane then dragged Taker outside of the ring and started heading to the grave.

Undertaker recovered near the top of the ramp and both men traded blows as the crowd chanted “Boo/Yay!” Undertaker finally got the better of the exchange and Kane retreated towards the grave. Undertaker went for a chokeslam but was met with a thumb to the eye and a big boot. Kane tried to roll Taker into the grave but was met with Hells Gate Kane started tapping, which doesn’t count for this match. Kane eventually passed out and Taker rolled him into the grave as Paul Bearer tried to hide behind the tombstone.

Undertaker turned his attention to Paul Bearer and rubbed his face in the dirt. He went to chokeslam Bearer but the Nexus (sans John Cena) ran out and attacked Undertaker. Taker was able to fight them off initially until the numbers caught up to him. Kane got out of the grave and nailed Taker with the urn as he was held by Nexus, with Taker landing in the grave. The Nexus started shoveling dirt on Taker, but Kane waved them off and told them to get out of there. Kane’s pyro went off and the lights went red and dirt started falling into the grave from a bulldozer as Kane and Bearer celebrated.

Kane defeated The Undertaker in a ‘Buried Alive’ match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane went to the back and Undertaker’s music started playing. Lightning hit the tombstone and the Undertaker’s symbol was shown on the tombstone. Man this is corny, I can’t wait for this feud to be over.

Josh Matthews interviewed Randy Orton backstage and asked if Orton was concerned about Cena being in Barrett’s corner. Orton said that if Cena interfered, he would drop him.

Team RAW (The Miz, CM Punk, Sheamus, John Morrison, R-Truth, Santino Marella and Ezekiel Jackson) vs. Team SmackDown! (Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Tyler Reks, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio)
WWE Bragging Rights Tag Team Elimination Match

Tyler Reks and John Morrison started the match while Jerry Lawler, Matt Striker and Michael Cole did some forced commentary on whether RAW was better, or SmackDown! Lawler actually called Smackdown! the “Who’s who of who cares.” Nothing like burying your own product to your audience, it did wonders for the current season of NXT. While all this was happening, Reks hit his finishing move and eliminated Marella.

Jackson came in next and dominated Reks, forcing Reks to tag in the Big Show. Show immediately took control and manhandled Jackson before tagging in Mysterio. Mysterio landed a splash and quickly tagged in Kofi. They went for a double clothesline, but Jackson knocked them both down with a shoulderblock and tagged in Sheamus.

Sheamus worked over Kofi. Kofi was able to gain control and hit the boom drop and went for Trouble in Paradise but hit the SOS instead. Kofi went for the cover, but Sheamus was under the rope. Moments later Sheamus is able to get Kofi up in the high cross and pinned him to eliminate Kofi.

Mysterio was in next, only to be dropped by Mysterio. Sheamus tagged in Punk and a “CM Punk” chant broke out. Sheamus and Punk made frequent tags while beating on Mysterio. Mysterio regained control but Alberto Del Rio made a blind tag and knocked Punk outside of the ring. Del Rio chased him out and threw Mysterio in the barricade while he was out there. Del Rio got back in the ring and continued to dominate Punk while trainers attended to Mysterio. Del Rio then tagged in Swagger.

Mysterio was sent to the back due to the injury. After several more tags, John Morrison scored the next elimination by pinning Jack Swagger after hitting Starship Pain. Lawler made a crack about how you can make it on RAW if you become a big enough star on SmackDown! While that was happening, Sheamus eliminated Tyler Reks leaving SmackDown! down to Show, Edge and Del Rio.

Show and Sheamus battled outside of the ring and were both counted out, leaving SmackDown! down to Edge and Del Rio, while RAW has everyone except Marella.

Edge went on the offensive right off the bat and attacked the RAW corner. Edge was able to hit R-Truth with a spear and eliminate him.

Morrison was in next and after a quick period was met with a spear and was eliminated by Edge.

Punk is in next and Edge missed a spear in the corner, bit it allowed Del Rio to make a blind tag. Punk was able to surprise Del Rio and roll him up and pin him to eliminate Del Rio. We are now down to Edge vs. Jackson, Punk and Miz. As Del Rio was heading to the back, Mysterio punked him from behind and headed back to the ring since he was never eliminated.

Edge played Ricky Morton for the next several minutes as the members of Team RAW kept tagging in and out and working over Edge. Edge finally was able to make the tag to Mysterio, who entered the ring against Punk. Shortly after, Mysterio was able to hit the 619 and splash on Punk to eliminate him, so it’s now two-on-two.

Jackson entered the ring and started working on Mysterio’s injured arm. “Big Ziek” was looking to put Mysterio away, but Mysterio nailed him with a DDT. Mysterio followed up with a 619 and splash to eliminate Jackson, who looked like he had kicked out right before two.

Mysterio immediately went for a 619 on Miz, but Alex Riley sacrificed himself and hugged Miz and got the brunt of the 619. Miz went to pin Mysterio, who kicked out at two. Miz went for a skull crushing finale but Mysterio rolled through and tagged Edge.

Edge immediately came into the ring and speared Miz! Edge quickly went for the cover and got the three count!

Team SmackDown defeated Team RAW.

After the match Matt Striker started celebrating and yelling “in your face,” which came across as really forced and was just annoying. Team Smackdown wins for the second year in a row.

Another promo for Knucklehead aired.

John Cena was shown backstage.

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett (with John Cena)

Wade Barrett entered the ring first with Cena by his side, so no separate entrance for Cena. Randy Orton came in next. Wade Barrett took the mic and said that if he doesn’t win this match, he’ll fire Cena tonight. Looks like we’ll have a new champion crowned tonight.

Orton took control early and a “Fire Cena” chant broke out. Orton continued to dominate the early moments of the match. Barrett went outside of the ring and screamed at Cena for not interfering and was met with a forearm to the back from Orton. Orton got Barrett back in the ring and continued to dominate the match.

Barrett was finally able to gain control and started working the champion over with punches. Barrett landed an elbow from the top rope and got a two count. Barrett continued his assault on Orton and beat on him outside of the ring before rolling him inside for another two count.

Orton was able to regain control and nail Barrett with a dropkick. There is a surprising lack of heat in this match. Orton went for a DDT but Barrett shoved Orton and the referee got knocked out. Barrett clotheslined Orton and ordered Cena to get inside the ring. Orton pushed Barrett into Cena and nailed Barrett with a backbreaker while the ref was still out.

The rest of Nexus hit the ring and started attacking Orton. Cena came in the ring and went after Nexus! Barrett asked Cena what he was doing and Cena explained that if the ref came to, Barrett would have lost by DQ and left the ring.

Orton regained control as the ref came to. He planted Barrett with a DDT and motioned for the RKO. Cena snuck into the ring and nailed Barrett with the Attitude Adjustment, getting Orton disqualified. Cena brought the belt into the ring with him and Orton nailed Cena with the RKO. So I was wrong and Orton retains via DQ. Weak ending to a sub-par PPV.

Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton via disqualification.

Orton celebrated for not losing the title I guess and hit Barrett with an RKO for good measure. Cole was selling that Barrett is going to be furious with Cena as the show went off the air.

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Nathan Amos contributed to this article.