WWE NXT Results (10-12) - New Challenges, Goldust/Aksana To Wed?

We welcome you to WWE programming.

Cue the opening and we are welcomed to Portland. Matt Stryker welcomes the remaining ladies to the ring. In a surprising development Matt is wearing a sweater vest. Matt congratulates the ladies for surviving the first elimination and we begin a new set of challenges.

Challenge 1: Name that Tune.
The girls will hear a tune and can blast a horn to give their answer as we play snippets of WWE theme songs. Each correct answer gives the contestant 100 points. A.J. gets the first 2, Naomi gets number 3, A.J. gets the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth tune. Now the songs are worth 200 points. A.J. gets tune 1, tune 2, tune 3, tune 4, and misses tune 5.
A.J. wins the worst segment in wrestling history. At least it is the worst since NXT last week and mercifully we head to a break.

Match 1: Naomi versus Alicia Fox.

Cole is completely making fun of NXT, and although I am no Cole fan I cannot agree with him more. Maxine is at the announce table for an unknown reason. Quick rollup followed by a dropkick and Naomi gets a 2 count. Alicia takes control and she tosses Naomi around the ring by the hair a few times. Naomi hits a kick but misses a flying cross body. Alicia takes advantage and she hits the Booker T kick and pins Naomi.

Alicia wins by pinfall.

We are in the back with Goldust and Aksana. She is very worried about possible deportation. Dare to dream. Goldust tells her all will be OK and she needs to focus on the task at hand. We head to commercial, which is just ads for WWE because we are on the internet, not TV.

We are back for our second competition and the suspense is killing the WWE Universe. Before we begin the ladies are allowed to address the WWE Universe. Naomi begins by calling out Michael Cole and makes fun of his hair and a Jim Ross joke. A.J. tells us about her dream date. Kaitlyn is up and she talks about age before beauty which goes with her storyline against Vickie. That was the worst 1 minute diss I have ever heard. Aksana will talk about America, and she professes her love for our wonderful country. Cole took the words out of mouth when he said "I am going to throw up, just when I thought this show couldn't get any worse." Maxine wants to talk about respect and she recounts the pie face she received from Hornswoggle. Then she calls Kaitlyn a homewrecker for ruining the Dolph/Vickie relationship. I may stand corrected when I called the last segment the worst ever.

We get a Raw Rebound.

If you are a glutton for punishment, you can watch replays of NXT on Hullu and WWE on Demand starting at midnight.

Vickie wants to make amends with Kaitlyn with 1 caveat. Kaitlyn must stay away from her man Ziggler.

Preview for Knucklehead.

Here is the power of the punch challenge. This is like a game you may play at a local carnival or Wildwood boardwalk(local reference for my east coast readers). Naomi has the early advantage with a score of 801. Cole is on his game as he rips into the show and Matt Styker. Nobody even gets close and Naomi wins.

Naomi wins the Power Punch Challenge.

Aksana vs. A.J.

A.J. starts fast with a dropkick, punch, and attempted crucifix pin. Aksana rolls out of the ring and gets comforted by Goldust. Aksana hits a quick move, but then it is reversed into a small package and A.J. gets a 3.

A.J. wins by pinfall.

Goldust comes into the ring and tells Aksana that even though deportation is looming, they have options. His option is for her to marry him. He is down on 1 knee and proposes to her. She says yes. Cole exclaims that this is finally a reason to watch NXT.


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