WrestlingINC.com site owner Raj Giri broke a major exclusive several days ago here on WrestlingINC.com when he posted that Sabu was informed by TNA Wrestling officials that the company would cease to utilize him following Turning Point tonight.

According to his exclusive report, Terry Taylor called Sabu and told him that he was being “let go” from TNA following tonight’s PPV. Taylor said that creative had “nothing for him”, therefore they were letting him go. Raj claimed that Sabu was not happy with this at all. He says he’ll still be appearing at tonight’s PPV, but is very unhappy about this situation.

The wrestling veteran will be competing in the match between EV 2.0 and Fortune, which features a stipulation where the winning team is permitted to fire a member of the losing team. It is unknown at this time whether his departure will tie into the storyline.

Officials originally intended to conclude the feud between the two factions last month at Bound for Glory, but ultimately decided to string it through Turning Point or this week’s set of iMPACT! tapings.

It should be noted that as of several weeks ago, Rhino’s TNA contract had been set to expire as well.