— Trent Barreta acknowledged the release of “Dudebuster” teammate Caylen Croft prior to his match against Seth Rollins at Florida Championship Wrestling’s “Hog Wild” event in Brandon, Florida on Friday, yelling, “This one’s for Crofty!” He also had “Croft” written across the tape on his left arm.

— As noted earlier, the Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match was a last minute addition to last night’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. WWE officials had originally planned for Rey Mysterio to wrestle Alberto Del Rio in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match at last night’s show?which explains the banner ad on the front page of the company website. Since Mysterio has been dealing with an inner ear infection as of late, a decision was made to hold a ten man tag team match instead and limit his work in order to protect his health. It also explains why Mysterio was used sparingly on Friday’s episode of SmackDown! and his singles bout with Del Rio was turned into a Battle Royal.

— Jesse Ventura has recently said that due to abuse by the Transportation Security Administration, he will never fly again. He said he wasn’t comfortable with being routinely searched, which he says is due to having metal in his hip from surgery.