— SoCal Val was a part of the Johnny Damon Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament today in Florida.

— Regarding Lacey Von Erich’s departure from TNA Wrestling last week, she was not fired. The third generation wrestler asked for her release from the organization and was granted it.

— W.P. Blake III, who wrestled independently as Ricky Blues is releasing a book called To Kill The Town, which will be about the Maryland wrestling scene in the early 1990s. Here is the synopsis and book cover? “In the summer of 1990, a handful of visionaries and pioneers gave birth to a Renaissance of Independent Professional Wrestling in Baltimore, Maryland. The fans were given a treasure of talent, compelling in-ring stories, true-life tragedies, and the summit of fame and fortune. The scene exploded from the boys and girls that sacrificed their mind, body and soul to bring grappling to national heights in the Mid-Atlantic Mecca. But, the very essence of wrestling changed, arguably, not for the best, when a calamity of events were set into motions in the mid-1980s. And from those events, the wrestling industry learned how to abandon tradition, dismiss history and ultimate lose the fans. To Kill the Town is presented from an insider’s view. W. P. Blake III, who performed in matches throughout the Mid-Atlantic promotions under the ring name Ricky Blues, takes the reader behind-the-scenes, into the locker room and onto the mat, for a fond but sobering look at the conquests and catastrophes. Finally, two decades after it started, this sport’s important moments in Maryland, by those who paved the way for today’s stars, are able to be heralded and archived for future generations of fan and wrestler.”