Former ROH and TNA star Homicide recently sat down with Slam! Wrestling. He discussed his release from TNA Wrestling, backstage politics, Konnan, and more. Check out some of the highlights below now:

Konnan, Hernandez, and Mexico:

"He's in Mexico right now, he's still in TNA, but he's doing more coverage in Mexico. There's a big rumor that me, Hernandez and Konnan are going to do the 5150 tour in Mexico, and hopefully we're going to bring it to the States and we're going to have a LAX reunion."

Backstage TNA Politics & TNA Release:

"I'm not going to lie to you, I was telling my girlfriend honesty, it hurts everybody. When I speak the truth, it hurts. I didn't say anything aggressive. I was frustrated in the end. I'm very confident that I can do better. Politics just got me in the butt and just caught me. I was miserable at the end of my days in TNA, I didn't like it.

"I miss the boys, I miss the staff, I miss everything, I became a smarter businessman when I went to TNA."

Ring Of Honor Debut & Return:

"I love Ring of Honor because it's pure wrestling. I always politic all my students and the young guys coming in the business, everybody says that Vince McMahon is destroying the wrestling business. He's not, he's just got his own style called sports entertainment. In Ring of Honor, I was one of the original guys that built this company, with Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer, Low-Ki, 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson. I'm happy with the independent wrestling. To me, independent wrestling means freedom. I'm not saying that when you come back to the indies you can do whatever you want to do, because when you come from TV wrestling, WWE or TNA, you have to follow the business point and also the politics. With independents, it's more like relaxed. You had a hard day at work, you come home, you just want to eat and go to sleep. That's how the indies are. It's just more relaxed."