Jillian Hall On Firing, Original SSlam Plan, Christian Correction

-- Yesterday I posted a story here on the website about Christian posting on Facebook that he would be ready to return to WWE by the Royal Rumble PPV. It turns out that Christian does NOT have a Facebook account. He does have a Twitter account though and tweeted the following: "4 those asking I DO NOT have a FaceBook or MySpace..Guess there was a fake post & it was reported on some site about my return date & status.As of now I don't have an exact date of return but Phys therapy is going well..Lazy reporting 2 not c if the FB was even legit..I don't get the need ppl have 2 pretend 2b other ppl it's so f'n lame" I sincerely apologize for the error.

-- WWE was originally going to have SummerSlam in New York but have since moved it to Los Angeles. The officials at Madison Square Garden warned WWE that the renovations they are doing won't be done in time to accommodate WWE, so the company went back to Los Angeles and scheduled Survivor Series in NYC instead.

-- Jillian Hall posted the following on her Twitter account tonight: "I am doing very well and I'm in a great place in life! I have a lot to say, but there's no room here, lol. Thankyou so much for your support"

-- Released WWE NXT rookie Diva Jamie Keyes appeared in her first video since being cut by WWE. It's a little odd but you can check it out below:


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