Report From Last Night's "Old School RAW", Jimmy Yang Takes Credit For Sheamus, More

-- Thanks to reader Eric J. Calcara for sending this report of last night's RAW:

I am back from the Old School Monday Night RAW in Hershey. I was sitting in Seat 1 (on the entrance ramp) in the fourth row. The evening started out with two matches taped for Superstars, featuring commentary from CM Punk. When RAW went on the air, everything was old school - the ring ropes, the guard rails, the referee uniforms, the ceiling pyro - just to name a few. There was very little that happened during downtimes and between commercials. They did the Kiss Kam and some random shots of the crowd for promotional purposes. The ring and camera crew were very friendly - almost allowing a 3-year-old fan to be taken backstage.

It was sad seeing the Iron Sheik come down the ramp on a wheelchair. He had a very tough time entering and exiting the ring. Randy Orton and John Cena (to a lesser extent) were super over. Wade Barrett had a few random fans. The biggest surprise of the night was Slick. The biggest pop of the night was Jim Ross. The fans were very friendly with each other, even to those of us (such as myself) who were going against the grain by cheering all the heels and booing all the faces. The wrestlers were very businesslike, but did acknowledge the fans at ringside with lots of hand slaps. People such as Michael Cole were booed throughout the show, but patted on the back upon their departure.

After the cameras stopped rolling, Randy Orton hit Wade Barrett with the RKO, and then posed with his title at all four ringposts. There was no additional match for the fans in attendance.

-- Former WWE Superstar James "Jimmy Wang Yang" Yun was on the "Right After Wrestling" show with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Yang claimed that he had discovered Sheamus and was a pivotal part of him landing his job in WWE, stating, "I'm the one who got Sheamus his job. I picked him out in Milan, Italy and said 'I'm gonna test this guy out' and look at him now, he's done great. I saw the workouts earlier and they told me that I could work with anyone I wanted. It came down to him and another German guy. I went to both guys and I asked 'who does Italy hate the most, Germans or Irishmen?' They both told me Irishmen so I ended up picking Sheamus to work that night. The rest is history." You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Eric J. Calcara contributed to this article.


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