To follow up on the news that The Undertaker’s shoulder has been causing him a lot of pain in recent months, we can confirm that the Dead Man is scheduled to undergo surgery this weekend to repair a torn rotator cuff.

At this point, the main concern is that he is healthy and able to work in time for WrestleMania in April – which is far from a guarantee.

When the injury first happened a few months ago and it became apparent that time off was inevitable, WWE planned for the Undertaker to lose a Buried Alive match against Kane at Survivor Series and then rest up after that. When the pain got worse, the call was made to have the Buried Alive match take place at Bragging Rights and get the surgery over with.

As recent as last week, there was talk that Taker may continue to wrestle lightly for the next few months, wrestle at WrestleMania 27 and then take the time off but that has changed now that the decision has been made to have surgery.

We should have a better idea this weekend as to The Undertaker’s recovery time.