Survivor Series: Daniel Bryan Vs. Ted DiBiase (U.S. Championship)

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WWE United States Championship Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

Bryan landed the first significant offense, however there was a technical glitch and the lights dimmed in the ring for a moment. Dibiase took control after suplexing Bryan outside of the ring. Dibiase laid Bryan on the ring apron and dropped an elbow onto Bryan from the top rope. Dibiase got Bryan back in the ring and got a two count.

Bryan managed to land a little offense before Dibiase took control again and locked in a headlock and followed it with a dropkick for another two count. Dibiase went back to the headlock, but Bryan was able to get out and hit Dibiase with a dropkick. Bryan took advantage of the change in momentum and landed several kicks and forearms, knocking Dibiase out of the ring. Bryan followed up with a dive outside of the ring onto Dibiase, and sold his shoulder.

Bryan got Dibiase back in the ring and went to the top rope and hit a flying dropkick, but only got two. Bryan continued to land more kicks, but Dibiase caught one and Bryan rolled him up for a small package and got two. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock but Dibiase got out and nailed Bryan with a massive clothesline that turned Bryan inside out.

Back in control, Dibiase went for Dream Street but Bryan countered and pushed off the turnbuckle to get a two count. Dibiase hit a spinebuster for another two count. Dibiase stayed on offense and placed Bryan on the top rope and went for a hurricarana off the top, but Bryan pushed him off. Bryan got behind Dibiase on the top and nailed him with a massive back suplex from the top rope.

Dibiase was able to counter another LeBell Lock attempt and slingshotted Bryan into the corner for two. Bryan quickly was able to follow up by locking in the LeBell Lock forcing Dibiase to submit. Good opener.

Daniel Bryan defeated Ted DiBiase via submission to retain the WWE United States Championship.


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