Survivor Series: Edge Vs. Kane (World Heavyweight Championship)

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World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge vs. Kane (c)

Edge came to ringside with an empty wheelchair to taunt Kane.

Edge slapped Kane early and took the advantage with a series of punches. Edge dominated the opening minutes of the match working over Kane's legs. Edge attempted a DDT, but Kane picked him up and dropped him on the top rope to gain control of the match-up.

Kane punished Edge outside of the ring with forearms to his chest before getting back into the ring. Kane then threw Edge into the corner and beat on him while asking where his father was. Kane continued to dominate the match. The crowd is mostly silent, probably the quietest they've been for any of the matches tonight.

Kane went to the top rope and attempted a clothesline but was met with a dropkick from Edge. Both men slowly got back to their feet and Edge nailed Kane with a pair of elbows before tripping him onto the second rope and jumping on his back. Edge covered Kane for a two. Shortly after, Edge charged at Kane but was caught and side slammed into the mat for a two count.

Kane climbed the ropes again, but Edge caught him once again and climbed to the top attempting a superplex. Kane shoved Edge off, and Edge landed crotch-first on the top rope. Kane followed up with a clothesline from the top and got a two count. Kane then went for a chokeslam, but Edge low-kicked Kane and hit a DDT. Edge then went for a spear, but was met with a big boot. Kane then hit a chokeslam, but Edge kicked out at two!

Kane got Edge up for a tombstone but Edge slid off the back and nailed Kane with a spear. Edge covered Kane, but both men's shoulders were down, and the referee counted three. Edge's music hit and he was announced as the new heavyweight champion, but the referee told the announcer that both Kane's and Edge's shoulders were down and the match was a tie.

Edge and Kane fought to a draw.

After the match, Kane attacked Edge and went to attack him outside the ring but Edge countered and Kane landed head first into the ring steps. Edge then threw Kane into the ring posts and sat him in the wheelchair and continued to tee off. Edge then rode the wheelchair through the ringside barrier!


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