Survivor Series: Sheamus Vs. John Morrison

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Sheamus vs. John Morrison
Sheamus slapped Morrison to start the match and Morrison followed up with a series of punches. Morrison took the early advantage with some high flying moves and then a corkscrew plancha outside of the ring.

Sheamus was able to turn the match around outside of the ring and nailed Morrison with a double axe-handle and threw Morrison back in the ring. Sheamus continued to punish Morrison with punches, kicks and finally a big clothesline for a two count. Sheamus followed up with a shouldertackle, more kicks and forearms to the back. Sheamus hit a backbreaker and got another two count. Sheamus then locked in an arm bar. Morrison was able to power out and came off the ropes, only to be nailed by a knee to the gut.

Sheamus stayed in control landing a series of forearms to Morrison's chest. Sheamus placed Morrison on the top rope and went for a superplex, but Morrison was able to knock Sheamus off and land a cross body, but Sheamus caught him and planted him into the mat for a two count.

Sheamus went for the throw kick and moved, and Morrison nailed Sheamus with a kick to the head. Both men were down but Sheamus got up first, but Morrison was able to get the advantage. The comeback was short-lived, as Sheamus got back in control with a backbreaker. He went for the High Cross, but Morrison countered and slingshotted Sheamus into the corner and got a two count. Morrison charged at Sheamus in the corner but Sheamus moved and Morrison landed on the second rope. Sheamus tripped Morrison off the second rope to once again gain control.

Sheamus continued to dominate the match, with Morrison managing to get in moments of offense before Sheamus would regain the advantage. Sheamus missed a throw kick and Morrison caught Sheamus with a kick to the head. Morrison followed up with a flying knee and covered him to get the three count. Another good match.

John Morrison defeated Sheamus via pinfall.


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