-- As noted earlier, Vance Archer, Caylen Croft, Tiffany, Jillian Hall, Shad Gaspard and Luke Gallows have all been fired from WWE.

-- According to sources, all week, talent releases were expected to be made today.

-- As noted earlier, Christopher DeJoseph has parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment. It was speculated over the weekend that he would be parting ways with the organization and the move became official on Wednesday. He worked closely with Michael Hayes on the SmackDown creative team and infrequently appeared on television as "Big Dick Johnson."

It is unknown at this time as to why DeJoseph left the company and who will be promoted to take his place. One wrestler who attempted to reach out to DeJoseph yesterday received his voice mail and was then told by others within creative to deal with them instead.

Source: ProWrestling.net