Why Alex Riley Wasn't Fired By WWE, Shad Gaspard To MMA?

-- According to a source, Alex Riley's on-air association with The Miz pretty much saved him from being fired by WWE following his DUI arrest last Wednesday in Tampa, Florida. He was said to be pretty nervous for several days, however. WWE did not officially announce any punishment. Riley also worked the Survivor Series pay-per-view and Monday's RAW. Basically, he caught a lucky break.

-- A video of Shad Gaspard taking part in MMA training surfaced online the day after it was announced that he had been fired by WWE. A source close to Gaspard says the former Cryme Tyme member has friends in MMA and predicted before the video surfaced that he would attempt to launch a career in the sport. Gaspard is also looking into acting. You can check it out below:


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