WWE RAW Results (11/01) – Survivor Series Preview, Lita, Pee-Wee Herman, More

Yes sir, we promised you a great main event.

Randy Orton / John Cena / Nexus Promo
The show opens with Randy Orton coming to the ring and talks about Survivor Series and says that if John Cena does plan to screw him out of the title the least thing he can do is tell him to his face.

John Cena music hits and he comes to the ring and says that he has a decision to make because if Wade Barrett wins the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, then he gets out of Nexus. Orton says if Cena does screw him over then he'll keep his job but he'll be the biggest phony in the WWE. He tells Cena that by taking orders from Barrett he is disrespecting every WWE Champion that's been there before and then tells him to leave his ring.

The Nexus come out and Barrett claims that actions will speak louder than words and when push comes to shove Cena will do exactly what he tells him and at Survivor Series he will raise his hand as the new WWE Champion. Cena says all he knows is that at three weeks that this is over, he's either out of Nexus or fired but he will not go quietly and will leave Barrett a parting gift and beat the hell out of him.

Randy Orton speaks up and says he doesn't have to wait until to Survivor Series and Barrett is just a pathetic child who needs to stand behind 7 other guys and he will beat on him until he is unconscious unless he wants to come to the ring and prove him otherwise. Barrett begins the walk to the ring but is interrupted by the Anonymous General Manager's email.

Michael Cole reads out that we all want to know what John Cena will do so later this evening Wade Barrett and a partner of his choice will face Randy Orton and a partner of his choosing with John Cena as the special guest referee.

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs. Hart Dynasty
We come back from commercial with the Tag Team Champions in the ring and the Hart Dynasty's music hit and they come out without Natalya for what seems to be a non title match.

Tyson and Heath start the match out but Kidd quickly tags in DH Smith who hits the hanging suplex and gets a two count. Justin Gabriel makes blind tag and comes in and attacks Smith from behind as the Nexus members trade quick tags keeping Smtih down in their corner as Tyson Kidd looks on not too pleased.

Smith hits a powerslam and manages to tag in Kidd who comes in and gets a two count. Smith jumps in and takes out Slater who interferes. Tyson Kidd goes for a dive over the top but Gabriel pulls Smith in the way and then drags Kidd in the ring, hits the 450 and gets the pin attempt.

Post match DH Smith shouts at Kidd as he retreats up the ramp.

R-Truth / John Cena Backstage
R-Truth comes up and congratulates Cena on saying he'll beat up Wade Barrett after Survivor Series but wants to know what he's going to at Survivor Series but Cena ignored Truth and walked away.

Sheamus vs. Vladimir Kozlov
Sheamus came out to the ring and got on the mic and talked about how Santino didn't pull off the biggest upset in the WWE last week, as Sheamus beat himself last week but now he's gonna make him pay and asks him to come out and quickly enough Santino's music plays and he walks out in street clothes.

He said he's a big fan of Sheamus and went out on Hallowe'en dressed as Sheamus but everyone thought he was a ghost. He said he can't wrestle as after eating too much candy he can't wrestle or he'll throw up so he picked Vladimir Kozlov as his replacement.

Kozlov told Sheamus he talks funny before going to the ring. Pretty much a squash for Sheamus as he made quick work of Kozlov before pinning him. Following the match, Sheamus stalked Santino up the stage before attempting the Celtic Cross off the stage only for Morrison to make the save and kick Sheamus in the head.

R-Truth & Randy Orton backstage
R-Truth told Orton he was talking to John and he didn't like what he heard and that Cena's not going to quit and he'll look Orton square in the eyes as he counts Barrett the new Champion and then asks Truth to be his tag team partner tonight to see how John Cena treats his friends.

Mark Henry / Pee Wee Herman / Diva's Backstage
Henry was on the phone saying he's not just his friend but he's his Tag partner, then we see tonights guest host Pee Wee who is also on the phone and tells some story about getting a splinter. Pee Wee says he'd love to be his tag team partner. Pee Wee introduced the Diva's to play Twister. He then introduced himself and then Lita who was there for some reason. I'm not sure if my broadcast came in late into the promo but this made absolutely no sense to me.

Zack Ryder vs. Ezekial Jackson
Ryder made it onto RAW in his hometown of Long Island but unfortunately Jackson goes through him in less than a minute and beats him with a one hand slam.

The announcers informed us that Wade Barrett has chosen David Otunga as his partner for later tonight.

Pee Wee Herman Promo
Justin Roberts announced Pee Wee Herman who came to the ring. He told the crowd the secret word is ring and that when said everyone must scream really loud. We were saved by The Miz's music who came out with his apprentice Alex Riley. Miz got on the mic and said that this was the lowest point in RAW's history and that Pee Wee has to get out of his ring. Having said the secret word everyone screamed.

Pee Wee began repeating everything that Miz & Riley said until Pee Wee told them not to anger the Pee because his cousin is with him, this brought out The Big Show who wore a similar suit to Herman. Show threw both Miz & Riley out of the ring. The General Manager sent an email which Michael Cole told us said that The Miz will face "The Big Pee-Wee" next.

The Miz vs. Big Show
Big Show spent the early part of the match delivering chops to the Miz in the corner and throwing him around the ring and pretty much dominated The Miz for several minute. Mr. Money In The Bank finally got the upper hand locking a Sleeper hold on the Big Show but unfortunately he was dropped back by Show. Big Show missed the splash from the second rope and Miz delivered two Axe Handle's from the top turnbuckle without knocking the big man off his feet but grounded him with the third but only managed to get a two count, Big Show got up and went for the Chokeslam but Alex Riley tried to distract him only to get knocked off the apron. The Miz hit Show with the briefcase to force the referee to call the DQ and award Show the victory.

Nexus Backstage
Barrett told Cena that after tonight he wants John to clean his locker room and scrub his back and left. Cena then was joined by David Otunga who said Cena will be raising his hand tonight as he's more talented than anyone in Nexus, including Barrett & Cena.

Ted DiBiase vs. Daniel Bryan
The announcers told us that this match is happening because earlier today at lunch Daniel Bryan kept making eyes at Maryse and winking at her. Looks like they're keeping up with the "ladies man" gimmick. Huge Daniel Bryan chants broke out. Good exchanges between these two, the finish came when DiBiase hit a nice sit down powerbomb only for the two and then went for the Dream Street but Bryan countered into the LeBell Lock and DiBiase's tapped out. Ted told Maryse after the match that he wants his belt back and will break up the Goldust-Aksanna wedding tomorrow night.

Natalya vs. Michelle McCool
LayCool come out and say they are going to give Natalya another shot at the Diva's Title because she's special but only if she can beat McCool tonight. Early on Natalya hit an amazing German Suplex on McCool that looked to nearly kill her. Late on, Natalya went for the Sharpshooter but McCool crawled out of the ring and Natyla threw Layla into McCool. Then back in the ring McCool missed a kick and accidentally hit Layla and that allowed Natalya to roll up McCool and get the 3 count and earn another title match at Survivor Series.

A spoof video aired in which Freddie Prinze Jr was backstage as a doctor asking how his favorite patient is and claimed he would miss the election, we then saw Vince McMahon in the bed in a coma. Dr Freddie talked about Linda spending 50 million dollars on her campaign. Vince woke up and was covered in Linda stickers. Then we cut to Stephanie waking up in bed from a dream and asking if Vince is still brain dead. We could hear Triple H agree as we go to commercial.

Randy Orton & R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett & David Otunga
John Cena got involved early on when Randy Orton wouldn't break the hold in the corner after the five count and dragged him out of the ring. Orton got in Cena's face allowing Barrett to capitalize.

Later in the match R-Truth tagged in Randy Orton but Cena didn't see it so forced Orton back outside the ring. Otunga continued to work on the weakened R-Truth, Barrett tried to get in the ring and Cena stopped him which allowed Randy Orton to get into the ring and hit the RKO behind Cena's back. Truth just about managed to cover Otunga and Cena counted the three. Following the match Wade shouted at John Cena as Randy Orton stared on from the ring.


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