WWE RAW Results (11/8) - Team Orton Vs. Team Nexus!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, November 8th, 2010 (USA Network)
Location: The Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, UK
Results by Nick Bazar of 411 Mania

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are our announcers.

In the ring behind a podium is John Cena with a scroll. It is his distinct honor to introduce the leader of Nexus and the soon-to-be WWE Champion- making his triumphant return to Manchester, England- Wade Barrett. Barrett approves of the introduction. Then again, he did write it for him. The prodigal son has returned. What better way to celebrate his impending championship win than with a big party here tonight? Before we get ahead of ourselves, there is some business he needs to take care of. The English crowd chants "Cena!" There are a couple of issues that Barrett needs to look into...David Otunga, step forward. The next time you decide to undermine the leader of Nexus, make sure you are successful in your venture. Get back in line! Right now, Barrett wants to deal with Cena. Last week, Cena had the opportunity to show the world what he will do at Survivor Series. Instead, he chose to let Nexus lose. What happened? Cena says they lost. Barrett reminds Cena that in two weeks, he is either free of the Nexus, or he is fired. It is up to Cena. Cena is glad Barrett is home. He just hopes he remembers what he said last week: after Survivor Series, he will give Barrett and anyone who wants to interfere, the beating of a lifetime. Barrett says he holds Cena's destiny in his hands. We need a little practice for what is going to happen after Survivor Series: tell the world Barrett is the new WWE Champion. And just as Cena is about to...

I hear voices in my head! WWE Champ Randy Orton makes his way to the entrance stage. Last time he checked, he was still WWE Champion. There is no doubt in Orton's mind that he can beat Barrett, no matter who the ref is. All Orton cares about is that Barrett never, EVER has the championship....

CHIME! Michael Cole has received an e-mail from the Raw General Manager. Barrett's celebration preview has been officially cancelled. Also, to make sure there is a clean victory, at SS, the winner must win by submission or pinfall only and Nexus is banned from ringside. Additionally, tonight it will be Team Barrett vs. Team Orton in a 10-man tag team match. The special guest ref will be- John Cena. Cena knocks over the podium and shoves Otunga down.

Up next, a Diva's Cup Match! Soccer! Futbol!

Match One: Diva's Cup Match- Eve Torres/The Bella Twins vs. Maryse/Alicia Fox/Tamina

All the girls are wearing soccer jerseys. The heels represent Liverpool...someone tell me what the faces represent. Torres and Tamina lockup to start. Tamina powers her into the corner and misses a splash. Torres comes back with some strikes. Tamina regrousp with a Samoan drop and a two count. Maryse tags in and goes low with a kick. Cover gets two. She grabs the hair and slams her face on the mat. Maryse applies a chinlock but Torres fights out and hits an enzuigiri. Bend it like Beckham! Maryse tags in Fox as Torres tags in a Bella Twin. Bella drops her and covers for two. Things start to break down and Maryse hits a Frech Kiss on the Bella behind the refs back. Not so fast! The Twins switch places and pin Fox for the win.

Winners: Eve Torres/The Bella Twins in 3:00
Rating: 1/2*

In the back, David Otunga is with Nexus (minus Barrett), angry about being punked out. When Barrett steps in, Otunga pretends as if nothing is wrong. Tonight, it will be Otunga vs. Cena. He expects the best out of both men.

The WWE Rewind: Natalya defeating Michelle McCool last week to earn another shot at the Diva's Championship.

Match Two: The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos

Holy Uso sighting! Smith starts with Jimmy by overpowering him. He hits a shoulderblock that sends him outside and tags in Kidd. Kidd hits a somersault plancha to the outside onto the Usos. He misses a springboard elbow drop back inside and the Uso takes over in the corner.Uso hits a bodyslam and tags in his brother who comes in with an elbow drop and covers for two. Uso applies a chinlock and drops Kidd with a back elbow. He heads to the middle rope but misses a splash. Smith is talking to Natalya but manages to tag -in and unload on both Usos. He covers for two and connects with a running power slam which gets him two more. Smith throws one to the outside but gets knocked down by an Uso kick. The Uso ends it with a big splash off the top rope.

Winners: The Usos in 4:00
Rating: *1/2

Later tonight, Tea Time With Santino and Cena vs. Otunga!

Next Monday, Raw goes Old School with a 3-Hour Raw.

In the back, Matt Striker is with Randy Orton. Orton has no idea who his partners will be tonight, but they better be the best of the best. In walks Miz who is one member of Team Orton. Right now, his team is awesome.

At ringside, Cole and Matthews pimp the card. No nose bleeds in sight.

Somewhere else in the back, the Nexus is back without Barrett. Otunga will show his teammates how a leader handles things by beating Cena. He encourages them to come out with him tonight. They seem skeptical, but he assures them it's all good.

The WWE Slam of the Week: Goldust tries to marry Aksana on NXT.

Match Three: Goldust vs. Ted DiBiase

Goldust has incorporated tears into his face paint. Lock up to start and Goldust powers DiBiase into the corner. DiBiase comes back with a slap but goes down to a hip toss then gets clotheslined to the outside. Back in, Goldust hits an inverted atomic drop but DiBiase regroups with a clothesline. He mounts with punches then rams Goldust into the corner. DiBiase drops him with a back elbow and covers for two. Another cover gets two more. DiBiase chokes Goldust across the middle rope and applies a standing chinlock. Goldust escapes but quickly falls to a nice backbreaker for two. DiBiase instructs Maryse to get the Million Dollar Belt and she does. Meanwhile, Goldust connects with an uppercut and a running bulldog for two. He continues with a powerslam for two more. Aksana runs down to ringside and steals the belt away from Maryse. In the confusion, Goldust rolls DiBiase up for the win.

Winner: Goldust in 3:00
Rating: **

John Cena out to a big pop from the English crowd. David Otunga comes out with the rest of Nexus.

Match Four: John Cena vs. David Otunga

Pre-match, Barrett instructs Nexus to leave. Otunga slides outside at the bell but Cena chases him up the ramp and onto the entrance stage. Cena smacks Otunga's head on the car they always use for these England shows and sends him back inside the ring. He drops Otunga with a shoulderblock and hits a gutwrench suplex. He connects with some rights and hits with a dropkick. In the corner, he misses a shoulderblock and runs into the ringpost. Otunga takes over with clubs to the chest as Cena is spread across the apron. Cover gets two. Back up, Otunga rams Cena into the turnbuckle and pounds away. He continues with a bodyslam and an elbow drop for two. He tries for another elbow but misses. Cena hits with two shoulderblocks and a suplex. Five Knucle Shuffle! Cena measures and conencts with an Attitude Adjustment, but no cover. Instead, he makes Otunga tap to the STF.

Winner: John Cena in 4:00
Rating: *1/2

In the back, Otunga is icing down his neck. Enter Wade Barrett. Last week, Otunga got pinned in a tag match. On Smackdown, Otunga got pinned again. Now tonight, he has embarrassed Barrett in his hometown. Barrett will give Otunga one more chance: beat Edge on Smackdown this week, or you're gone.

Tea Time With Santino

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov come out dressed as proper Englishmen in suits and hats. The ring is decorated with a black mat and a table with chairs. Marella and Kozlov like to blend in wherever they go. They have been watching English classics such as Austin Powers and Mr. Bean for weeks. However, the way they drive has almost gotten Marella killed. Marella is mad over in England. Marella wants to make peace with a superstar from Irish land- Shamoose. Everything will be okay after this tea party he has arranged. Shamoose comes out and sits at the tea table. Marella thinks they got off on the wrong foot. Marella runs down the options: green tea, ginger tea...oops. We even have an autographed picture of Mr. T. Shamoose thinks Marella is misunderstood. Shamoose tells a story of an Irish town idiot who reminds him of Marella. Moving on, Marella asks whether he wants his tea dark or milky...there he goes again. Marella has some theories as to why Shamoose is so angry: 1) he has been exposed to gamma-rays, or 2) as a kid, no one would play with him because he was a ginger. Marella will not be like those kids. He has invited him to a party. He will not treat him like a ghost...oh that crazy Santino. Shamoose thinks Marella is funny- so funny that he forgets why he hates him. Kozlov reminds him that it is because Marella beat Sheamus. It was the biggest upset in Double Double E history. Damn, even Kozlov is over. Marella is shaking as he offers Sheamus some more tea. So much so that he spills the tea all over the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus knocks over the table in anger...

CHIME! Michael Cole has receieved another e-mail from the Raw General Manager. The time for tea and crumpets is over. It is time for action. Marella is going one-on-one with Sheamus.

Match Five: Santino Marella vs. Sheamus

Marella tries to take off his dress shirt as the bell rings and Sheamus lets him. He has his ring gear on underneath! Marella rolls out of the ring and stalls. Sheamus eventually follows and scares Marella into the crowd. CHIME! And I quote- Santino Marella, you have two choices: get back in the ring and compete, or be immediately suspended. Marella tries to psych himself up but gets dropped as he heads inside. Sheamus stomps away like crazy and Marella tries to talk to him. Marella hits a low blow to end the match on a DQ.

Winner: Sheamus in 3:00 via Disqualification
Rating: 1/4* for the match but ***** for the whole segment

Post-match, Sheamus drops Marella with a Brogue Kick. He is about to finish him with an High Cross but Morrison runs in to make the save.

In the back, John Cena watches a Wrestlemania 27 video package. Barrett is standing behind him once it finishes. Barrett puts over the awesomeness of WM and ask Cena how it would feel if he were to miss that experience next year. He hands Cena a ref shirt. Do your job and do it right, or else your job will be nothing but a distant memory.

We get another Stand Up For WWE video detailing how many of the second and third generation guys got into the family business. Good stuff.

Match Six: Special Guest Referee: John Cena- Team Orton (Randy Orton/R-Truth/Daniel Bryan/Mark Henry/The Miz) vs. Team Nexus (Wade Barrett/Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel/Husky Harris/Michael McGillicutty)

Here we go with the main event.... gonna' be a long one.

Bryan and Gabriel start with a lock-up. Bryan with a side headlock and he knocks Gabriel out of the air with a dropkick. Gabriel ducks a clothesline and tags in McGillicutty. Bryan applies an armbar and Miz tags in blindly. Miz knocks McGillicutty down from behind and rams him into the corner. He slugs away and Cena backs him off. Miz continues with his running clothesline in the corner for two. He wrenches the arm and tags in Orton who gets a snapmare and a knee drop. He throws McGillicutty into his corner and says he wants Barrett. He gets Slater instead who he drops with a shoulder. Truth in and he kicks away at Slater in the corner. He floats over and drops Slater with a side kick. Cover gets two and the action breaks down. Team Orton clears the ring and David Otunga comes down to ringside as we go to commercial.

Back from break, Truth and Gabriel lock-up. Truth powers Gabriel into the corner but Gabriel strikes him away and takes over. Truth comes back with a couple of kicks but goes down to a side kick by Gabriel for two. Harris tags in and he delivers some forearms. Truth fires back with slaps and tags in Henry. Harris goes after Henry with rights but gets dropped with a body slam. He follows up wit a plash but misses. Harris charges in the corner and connects. He tags in McGillicutty who gets clobbered with a shoulder. Bryan tags in and he goes to work with rapid fire kicks. He moonsaults the turnbuckle and hits a nice suplex. He follows up with a dropkick in the corner and covers for two. Bryan goes back to the kicks but runs into one my McGillicutty. Harris makes the blind tag and hits a hard clothesline on Bryan for two. Barrett finally tags in and slugs away in the corner. He drops Bryan with a headbutt and covers for two. He hits a backbreaker that gets him two more and slows things down with a shoulder stretch. Bryan eventually escapes but quickly goes down to a side slam that gets Barrett two. He drags Bryan into his corner and Gabriel tags in with Strikes. Harris tags in with more quick strikes then Slater who misses a splash in the corner. Slater gets up and knocks down the Miz from the apron. Slater tags in Barrett just as Bryan makes the hot tag to Orton. Orton unloads and connects with a power slam. He continues with his middle rope DDT. Vintage! He coils for an RKO but Barrett interrupts it and tries for Wasteland. Orton counter into a backbreaker for two. McGillicutty in illegally and he gets knocked down by Bryan. Things break down as Slater and Gabriel throw out Henry and Bryan gets a double dropkick. Orton hits another backbreaker on Barrett but Miz turns on Orton with a Skull Crushing Finale as Cena had his back turned. Barrett covers for the win.

Winners: Team Nexus in 15:00
Rating: **3/4

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