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The Survivor Series opening promo aired focusing only on the John Cena – Nexus storyline. The pyro hits and we’re off!

WWE United States Championship Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

Bryan landed the first significant offense, however there was a technical glitch and the lights dimmed in the ring for a moment. Dibiase took control after suplexing Bryan outside of the ring. Dibiase laid Bryan on the ring apron and dropped an elbow onto Bryan from the top rope. Dibiase got Bryan back in the ring and got a two count.

Bryan managed to land a little offense before Dibiase took control again and locked in a headlock and followed it with a dropkick for another two count. Dibiase went back to the headlock, but Bryan was able to get out and hit Dibiase with a dropkick. Bryan took advantage of the change in momentum and landed several kicks and forearms, knocking Dibiase out of the ring. Bryan followed up with a dive outside of the ring onto Dibiase, and sold his shoulder.

Bryan got Dibiase back in the ring and went to the top rope and hit a flying dropkick, but only got two. Bryan continued to land more kicks, but Dibiase caught one and Bryan rolled him up for a small package and got two. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock but Dibiase got out and nailed Bryan with a massive clothesline that turned Bryan inside out.

Back in control, Dibiase went for Dream Street but Bryan countered and pushed off the turnbuckle to get a two count. Dibiase hit a spinebuster for another two count. Dibiase stayed on offense and placed Bryan on the top rope and went for a hurricarana off the top, but Bryan pushed him off. Bryan got behind Dibiase on the top and nailed him with a massive back suplex from the top rope.

Dibiase was able to counter another LeBell Lock attempt and slingshotted Bryan into the corner for two. Bryan quickly was able to follow up by locking in the LeBell Lock forcing Dibiase to submit. Good opener.

Daniel Bryan defeated Ted DiBiase via submission to retain the WWE United States Championship.

After the match, The Miz nailed Bryan from behind as Bryan was heading to the back and went to the ring with Alex Riley in tow.

The Miz (w/ Alex Riley) Promo

The Miz ripped LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Miz called The Nexus mediocre, and said that while Wade Barrett may be champion tonight, James will never be a champion. A “Let’s Go Heat” chant broke out. The Miz said he’s tired of carrying the briefcase around and hinted that he may be cashing in the briefcase tonight.

Josh Matthews interviewed Sheamus backstage who said that John Morrison is jealous that he’s a former and future WWE Champion. He then said he was going to break Morrison’s will and his body.

Sheamus vs. John Morrison
Sheamus slapped Morrison to start the match and Morrison followed up with a series of punches. Morrison took the early advantage with some high flying moves and then a corkscrew plancha outside of the ring.

Sheamus was able to turn the match around outside of the ring and nailed Morrison with a double axe-handle and threw Morrison back in the ring. Sheamus continued to punish Morrison with punches, kicks and finally a big clothesline for a two count. Sheamus followed up with a shouldertackle, more kicks and forearms to the back. Sheamus hit a backbreaker and got another two count. Sheamus then locked in an arm bar. Morrison was able to power out and came off the ropes, only to be nailed by a knee to the gut.

Sheamus stayed in control landing a series of forearms to Morrison’s chest. Sheamus placed Morrison on the top rope and went for a superplex, but Morrison was able to knock Sheamus off and land a cross body, but Sheamus caught him and planted him into the mat for a two count.

Sheamus went for the throw kick and moved, and Morrison nailed Sheamus with a kick to the head. Both men were down but Sheamus got up first, but Morrison was able to get the advantage. The comeback was short-lived, as Sheamus got back in control with a backbreaker. He went for the High Cross, but Morrison countered and slingshotted Sheamus into the corner and got a two count. Morrison charged at Sheamus in the corner but Sheamus moved and Morrison landed on the second rope. Sheamus tripped Morrison off the second rope to once again gain control.

Sheamus continued to dominate the match, with Morrison managing to get in moments of offense before Sheamus would regain the advantage. Sheamus missed a throw kick and Morrison caught Sheamus with a kick to the head. Morrison followed up with a flying knee and covered him to get the three count. Another good match.

John Morrison defeated Sheamus via pinfall.

A promo for Knucklehead aired.

John Cena is shown backstage. R-Truth approaches him and says that he may have a solution. He asks that since Nexus is banned from ringside, what happens if he came to the ring and something “accidentally” happened to Randy Orton, causing Barrett to win the title and Cena to keep his job. Cena was against the idea and said that he would call the match down the middle. R-Truth said he’d believe it when he sees it.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kaval

EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces Dolph Ziggler.

Kaval took control of the match early. Ziggler quickly took control and dominated the next several moments of the match until Kaval was able to nail Ziggler with a springboard crossbody off of the ropes.

Kaval’s advantage was short lived, as he started punching away on Ziggler in the corner but Ziggler grabbed his foot, causing Kaval to land face-first on the top rope. Ziggler followed with a headlock and neckbreaker for a two count. Kaval was able to fight out and catch Ziggler with a boot to the head and some flying forearms. Kaval landed some unique kicks, sending Ziggler to the mat.

Kaval dove at Ziggler in the corner, then followed up with a moonsault for another two count. Kaval landed a chop and a flying kick to Ziggler’s face. Kaval then went to the top rope but was caught by Ziggler. Ziggler got a sleeper on Kaval on the top rope, but Kaval knocked Ziggler off went for a corkscrew moonsault and missed, but still landed on his feet. Ziggler quickly caught Kaval with a Zig Zag, but only got two.

Kaval was able to catch Zggler with another unique kick from the second rope, but only got two. Ziggler regained the advantage and missed a charge in the corner, and Kaval rolled him up for a two. Ziggler rolled him up for a small package for another two. Kaval charged at Ziggler off the ropes and rolled him up, but Ziggler was able to reverse it and get the three count.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kaval via pinfall to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage promo with Team Del Rio showing dissension in the ranks. Alberto Del Rio told the team that they were there to destroy Rey Mysterio and if they do, he’ll buy the beers.

Survivor Series Elimination Match
Rey Mysterio, Big Show, MVP, Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters vs. Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Tyler Reks

Del Rio and Mysterio started off. There was a big “MVP” chant with them being in Miami. Del Rio refused to lock up with Mysterio and then tagged in Rhodes. After a couple of minutes of action, Rhodes hit the “Beautiful Disaster” and then Del Rio tagged in.

Mysterio was able to gain the advantage and nail Del Rio with a dropkick in the corner and tagged in MVP who hit a big kick and got a two count. MVP teed away on Del Rio in the the corner and was able to hit a boot to the face for a two count. MVP then tagged in Kingston who got a two count. Masters was then tagged in, but Del Rio was able to gain the advantage and the heels took turns tagging in and beating on Masters. Masters was finally able to make the tag in to MVP, who started going to town on McIntyre. MVP hit the ballin’ elbow, and suplexed McIntyre in the ring, but Del Rio caught MVPs foot and held it as the referee counted three.

Drew McIntyre pinned MVP.

Chris Masters and Del Rio then were in the ring. Del Rio only needed a couple of moments before he was able to apply an armbar and submit Masters.

Alberto Del Rio submitted Chris Masters.

Big Show made his first entrance in the match. Del Rio slapped McIntyre on the chest, tagging him in. Big Show hit the knockout blow on Del Rio anyway and threw McIntyre into the ring. Del Rio was helped to the back while Big Show dominated McIntyre and then picked up Kofi and bodyslammed him on McIntyre. McIntyre gained the advantage and tagged in Rhodes.

Kofi punched Rhodes in the face, and Rhodes flipped out and then went outside the ring and looked at himself in the mirror. He got back in the ring, only to be slapped again and Kofi tagged in Show, who quickly hit Rhodes with a knockout punch to eliminate him.

Big Show pinned Cody Rhodes.

Tyler Reks came in and took Show off of his feet. The heels then took turns tagging in and beating on Show. Show was finally able to tag in Mysterio, who hit a splash on Swagger and got a two count. He sprung off the ropes, only to be met by a big boot. Shortly after, Swagger got Mysterio in an ankle lock but Mysterio spin him around. Somewhere in all of this, Kofi and Reks were tagged in and Kofi hit a flying crossbody for a two count. Kofi was able to hit him with a mule kick and managed to get the pin.

Kofi Kingston pinned Tyler Reks.

Swagger was in and took control of the match and went for a gut-wrench powerbomb. Kofi went for Trouble In Paradise, but Swagger caught Kofi’s foot and applied the ankle lock, forcing Kofi to tap.

Jack Swagger submitted Kofi Kingston.

Moments later, Mysterio was able to hit Swagger with a 619. Mysterio then got on Big Show’s shoulders and nailed Swagger with a splash to eliminate him.

Rey Mysterio pinned Jack Swagger.

McIntyre was in next and Big Show made quick work of him, nailing him with a chokeslam.

Big Show pinned Drew McIntyre.

Big Show and Rey Mysterio were announced to be the winners of the match, even though Alberto Del Rio technically was never eliminated.

Rey Mysterio, Big Show, MVP, Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters defeated Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Tyler Reks

A TLC promo aired.

Backstage promo with Randy Orton who said he’s sick of hearing about John Cena and that while he feels for Cena, Cena did this to himself. He said he’s thinking about Wade Barrett and the only thing he’s concerned about is walking out as WWE Champion.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Natalya vs. Michelle McCool and Layla (c)

Natalya and McCool started the match, with McCool gaining the early advantage. The co-champions dominated Natalya for the opening moments of the match.

Natalya was able to gain control outside of the ring, and threw McCool in the audience. She followed up with throwing Layla on McCool. McCool recovered and threw Natalya in the ring barricade and then back in the ring. Natalya threw McCool into Layla, who had jumped on the ring apron. Natalya then locked in the sharpshooter on McCool, forcing McCool to tap.

Natalya defeated Michelle McCool and Layla to become the NEW WWE Divas Champion

After the match LayCool attacked Natalya. Beth Phoenix’s music hit and she cleared the ring of LayCool. She got Layla back in the ring and hit her with the chicken wing-slam. Phoenix and Natalya hugged and celebrated.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge vs. Kane (c)

Edge came to ringside with an empty wheelchair to taunt Kane.

Edge slapped Kane early and took the advantage with a series of punches. Edge dominated the opening minutes of the match working over Kane’s legs. Edge attempted a DDT, but Kane picked him up and dropped him on the top rope to gain control of the match-up.

Kane punished Edge outside of the ring with forearms to his chest before getting back into the ring. Kane then threw Edge into the corner and beat on him while asking where his father was. Kane continued to dominate the match. The crowd is mostly silent, probably the quietest they’ve been for any of the matches tonight.

Kane went to the top rope and attempted a clothesline but was met with a dropkick from Edge. Both men slowly got back to their feet and Edge nailed Kane with a pair of elbows before tripping him onto the second rope and jumping on his back. Edge covered Kane for a two. Shortly after, Edge charged at Kane but was caught and side slammed into the mat for a two count.

Kane climbed the ropes again, but Edge caught him once again and climbed to the top attempting a superplex. Kane shoved Edge off, and Edge landed crotch-first on the top rope. Kane followed up with a clothesline from the top and got a two count. Kane then went for a chokeslam, but Edge low-kicked Kane and hit a DDT. Edge then went for a spear, but was met with a big boot. Kane then hit a chokeslam, but Edge kicked out at two!

Kane got Edge up for a tombstone but Edge slid off the back and nailed Kane with a spear. Edge covered Kane, but both men’s shoulders were down, and the referee counted three. Edge’s music hit and he was announced as the new heavyweight champion, but the referee told the announcer that both Kane’s and Edge’s shoulders were down and the match was a tie.

Edge and Kane fought to a draw.

After the match, Kane attacked Edge and went to attack him outside the ring but Edge countered and Kane landed head first into the ring steps. Edge then threw Kane into the ring posts and sat him in the wheelchair and continued to tee off. Edge then rode the wheelchair through the ringside barrier!

A promo for WrestleMania aired.

Wade Barrett approached John Cena backstage and ran through their history. Cena said he remembered everything that the Nexus had done to him and when the time is right, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater (c)

The rest of Nexus, sans Wade Barrett and John Cena of course, were in the champions corner.

Gabriel and Santino started the match. Santino quickly made a blind tag to Kozlov, who dominated the smaller Gabriel with his power. Gabriel was able to gain the advantage after clotheslining Kozlov on the top rope and he tagged in Slater.

Slater and Gabriel worked over their larger opponent by making frequent tags and working Kozlov over in their corner. A “Santino” chant broke out while Gabriel had Kozlov in a front-facelock. Slater tagged in and applied a front-facelock as Kozlov inched closer to his corner. Slater let go of the hold and charged at Kozlov, who nailed him with a clothesline and tagged in Santino.

Santino hit Slater with a hip toss and flying chop. Kozlov took out Slater as he was entering the ring and Santino motioned for the Cobra. The Nexus hit the ring apron and distracted the referee and Slater nailed Santino from behind and got the pin.

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater defeated Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov after Slater pinned Marella.

The Nexus attacked Marella and Kozlov after the match and cleared the ring of them. Nexus celebrated in the ring, and we have an email from the General Manager. The GM reminds the audience that Nexus is banned from ringside for the next match, and if any of them interfere, Nexus will be suspended indefinitely. The GM then told Nexus that they should leave the arena immediately.

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett (with John Cena as the special guest referee)
Should Barrett win, Cena is freed from The Nexus. Should Barrett lose, Cena is fired from WWE.

John Cena entered the ring first in his referee shirt and his trademark jean shorts. Barrett was next, followed by the champion.

Orton and Barrett locked up early, with Orton pushing Barrett back. Orton floored Barrett with a shoulder-tackle and locked in a side headlock on the mat. Barrett got back to his feet, only for Orton to floor Barrett with another shoulder-tackle.

Back on his feet, Barrett pressed Orton into a corner and nailed Orton with punches and kicks and threw him into a corner, only for Orton to explode out and hit Barrett with a clothesline. Orton then teed off on Barrett in the corner, forcing Cena to pull Orton off of him. Barrett hit Orton with a big kick and pointed and smiled at Cena.

Barrett stayed in control of the match, nailing the champion with kicks and punches. He started repeatedly punching Orton in the corner, and this time Cena pulled Barrett off. Barrett started yelling at Cena and Orton nailed Barrett from behind with a dropkick. Orton then followed up with a flurry of punches on the mat and a kick, and Barrett went outside of the ring to retreat.

Orton chased Barrett out of the ring, only to be met with a kick. Barrett then slammed Orton’s head into the mat and drove him back first several times into the ring apron. Barrett followed up by throwing Orton into the steel steps and then put him back in the ring and got a two count.

Barrett nailed Orton with several punches, but only got a two count. Barrett continued to maintain control, scoring several two counts along the way. Barrett got Orton in a chinlock, but Orton was able to power up to his feet, only for Barrett to regain control with a knee to the gut and another two count.

Barrett re-applied the side headlock, and Orton was able to eventually side suplex Barrett to get out. The audience seems to be just waiting for the finish. Barrett and Orton traded blows and Orton was able to nail Barrett with a pair of clotheslines and a bodyslam. Orton clotheslined Barrett out of the ring, but Barrett drove Orton into the steel post. Barrett got Orton back in the ring, but was met by a kick when trying to get back in. Orton hit a backbreaker back in the ring, but only got two.

Orton threw Barrett into the corner and charged at him, but was met with a boot to the face. Barrett landed an elbow to the chest from the second rope for a two count. Barrett argued over the count and then hit a pumphandle slam for another two count. Barrett got in Cena’s face, but Cena argued that Orton’s shoulders were up. Barrett went for Wasteland, Orton powered out but was met with a blackhole slam (Striker actually referred to it as the blackhole slam) for another two. Barrett was frustrated with Cena’s count, which allowed Orton to regain control and nail Barrett with a DDT. The crowd started a dueling “Let’s Go Cena” / “Cena Sucks” chant as Barrett went out of the ring.

Orton got Barrett back in the ring but was met with a knee to the head as he tried to get back in. Barrett hit Orton with Wasteland, but Orton grabbed the bottom rope at two. Barrett got back in Cena’s face and shoved Cena. Cena shoved Barrett back and Orton nailed him with an RKO. Cena counted one… two… pause and then three! Orton wins the match, but Cena is fired.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall.

After the match Cena tore off the referee shirt and tore off the Nexus armband. The rest of Nexus hit the ring and Orton and Cena cleared the ring of them. Cena then grabbed the WWE Championship belt and presented it to Orton. Orton and Cena embraced. Orton tried to celebrate while Cena sulked in the corner. Orton left the ring, leaving Cena in the ring. After Orton went to the back, Cena took off his armbands and put them in the center of the ring while the crowd chanted “Cena.” Cena saluted the crowd and then went over and hugged Michael Cole and a fan (the WWE sign guy) as he headed to the back. Cena then stood at the top of the stage and raised his hands. He then went through the crowd and slapped hands as the PPV went off the air.