Dana White Continues To Kill Lesnar-WWE Rumors, & More

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-- UFC president Dana White made some comments recently on the coaches for the 13th season of The Ultimate Fighter and Brock Lesnar:

On whether or not Frank Mir's removal from UFC 128 involves The Ultimate Fighter: "We're moving [expletive] around all the time. What we like to do is that when we nail a fight and sign it, that's usually it. It's solid. But stuff happens with these other fights. We're still laying out the map for next year. [Mir's removal from UFC 128] has nothing to do with ['The Ultimate Fighter]."

On potential coaches for "The Ultimate Fighter": "I don't know, man. I can't even talk about the 'TUF' coaches right now. I don't know."

On Lesnar Leaving UFC for WWE: "Not going to happen. He can't leave the UFC. He's under contract." White goes on to ask the following regarding Lesnar at WrestleMania: "Like row 3, seat 16? Row 3, seat 16 in aisle 2 sounds good to me."

Note from Ryan Clark: Lesnar has one fight left on his current UFC deal. You can bet UFC won't let that fight happen until AFTER WrestleMania (it won't happen before then anyways). Basically, there is no way Brock is appearing at WrestleMania unless he wants a major lawsuit that he'll lose. WWE has only offered him a one-time deal anyways. The rumors are bullsh*t.


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